Welcome Joan's Journeyers to my July musings. As a senior, considering to move closer to loved ones seems like a no-brainer. What better solution to the inevitability of old age than proximity to the people dearest to us?

Now take a deep breath and reflect upon the question. Moving and living closer to relatives is not a one-way decision; it is a decision that a senior and their adult children, and in most cases, many more folks have input in. Whether moving across town, across counties or across the country, as I did, moving closer to family or significant others is a shared, life-changing experience.

I am one of the fortunate seniors, says Sam Rosenberg, executive director, Holiday Villa East, (HVE), an independent living community in Santa Monica, California. An attorney with 30 years of assisting seniors and their families, Rosenberg has a wealth of knowledge and is a gold mine of anecdotes relating to successful and not-so-successful seniors who move to live closer to dear ones.

Happily, Rosenberg notes that I have the recipe for successful senior living near my family because: 1) I chose to move to senior living, 2) I chose the location after consulting and planning with my family on both coasts, and 3) I chose the senior community where I live.

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