Joan's Journey - PackingOops Bloggers! In the last Joan's Journey Post, I had a senior brain blip. I forgot to mention that gardening with one's grandchildren and family members can be a great pleasure for seniors. Recently, I received a photo of my 3-yr-old grandson Oliver watering the plants and flowers outside his Southern California home. Then it hit me -- I can hardly wait to move across country to senior housing near my children and grandchildren. Gardening is only one of the activities we can enjoy together.

As to condo sale progress, I have no news to report -- no lookers, no offers, no progress! Regardless, I'm staying focused on my future move to senior housing.

Memorabilia, including cards, letters, post cards, magnets, gifts, and decades of photos tossed into marked and unmarked envelopes or stashed in boxes, have been staring at me for months. Not so hidden in drawers, cabinets and high closet shelves, these items wait to be gathered, gone through and gutted or shamelessly saved.

OMG. This task is too big and too sentimental for me to accomplish alone. How do I discard several boxes of notes, letters and sympathy cards sent to my family after the deaths of my mother and father?

Enter "professional organizers," service providers who use tested principles and expertise to enhance the lives of clients by helping them organize and learn organizing skills. According to NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers, professional organizers assist individuals and businesses take control of their surroundings, their time, their paper piles, and their lives! Services include: moving and downsizing, space planning and staging, time and task management, haul-away services and maintenances practices.

In the next Joan's Journey, I will recount my journey with two organizers from Charm City Organizers, LLC., located in Baltimore, as we de-clutter, discard, sort and save a mountain of memorabilia. Until then, enjoy the journey, day by day.

About the Author

Joan London, a freelance medical and social issues writer, plans to move across country from Baltimore to Southern CA to enjoy life at senior housing and be close to her children and grandchildren.