This morning at the 2011 ALFA Conference & Expo in Orlando, Florida, Jeff Jarvis, author of "What Would Google Do?" spoke to attendees about innovation and transparency in business. Jarvis is a thought leader in the new media field and runs the blog BuzzMachine. Jeff Jarvis speaks to assisted living executives

Attendees were abuzz on Twitter about Jarvis presenting at this year's ALFA Conference & Expo, and reviews raved about Jarvis' ability to gear his presentation to a very specific audience. One of the most thought-provoking concepts Jarvis presented at today's conference is "Do what you do best; link to the rest," which is an important lesson for assisted living facilities minding their media presence and a common mistake made by many businesses attempting to build a web presence. It's not possible to be everything to everyone, and it's critical to understand the needs of your target audience inside and out and cater to them.

Jarvis covers this concept in a 2007 blog post on in relation to the news media. Since we're not going to pretend we can say it better, we're going to link to him.

Jarvis focused this morning's presentation on tailoring the concepts presented in his book to the senior living business, asking assisted living executives to consider what search giant Google would do if it were in charge of their organization. Jarvis stresses the importance of how the internet has dramatically changed the way businesses relate to and interact with their customers and the necessity of embracing new mediums to stay ahead of the pack and reach potential customers most efficiently.

Jarvis offered valuable recommendations and insights for assisted living communities wanting to maximize their internet presence. Gone are the days of setting up a website and being done with it. An effective internet presence today requires time, commitment and an effort to engage the community. He also described his theory that your worst customer is your best friend and your best customer your partner--in no industry is this more relevant than senior living.

What valuable lessons did you learn from Jeff Jarvis during this morning's session? We'd love to hear your favorite take-aways!

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