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The whole family will be together around the table. Use the time this coming holiday season to finally have that crucial conversation about long-term care and senior housing.

While it is admittedly a difficult and sensitive subject, the significance of your loved one’s health and well-being demands that you take this first important step toward organizing for the future. Given the weight of the conversation, it’s all the more important that any family member who has a stake in the decision is present for the conversation, to ensure that the best decision is made.

In a new podcast from MySilverAge, Lisa Holland, regional director of quality improvement at, a nonprofit provider of senior living communities in California, offers guidance on how to lead such an important conversation. Whether your loved one is interested in staying in his or her current home or is in need of any level of assistance, Holland has suggestions to get the most out of your family discussion.

“This kind of a talk shifts the roles of the parent and adult child, so that the adult child really becomes more of the parent in the sense that they’re guiding, offering advice, making suggestions about what’s the best way to do things,” she says.

For more of Lisa Holland’s insight on how to navigate your way out of this situation, download the free podcast, “How to Talk to Your Parents About Senior Housing.” offers tips and information on successful aging, retirement and making the most of “what’s next” in your life. The website is brought to you by, one of California’s largest nonprofit providers of senior living communities.

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