This is a guest post submitted by Elli Bishop, a writer and home security industry expert.

Barring any medical issues that would make assisted living or a nursing home a necessity, there's no reason seniors can't remain in their homes. With new advances in home automation technology it's even easier for them to stay put.

The purpose of home automation for the elderly is to create an environment that is easy and safe for seniors to live in, giving them the ability to remain in their home for as long as possible.

What is Home Automation?

Imagine the convenience of turning your lights on before you step through the front door, having them automatically turn off the moment you leave the house, or programming your system to automatically unlock the front door every day at 3:00pm when the caregiver arrives. Or how about automating your home thermostats to regulate heating and cooling so you can reduce energy waste? These modern technological conveniences are no longer reserved for the rich and famous. With home automation services offered by various home security providers, anyone can enjoy the support, security, and savings of a "smart home."

How Home Automation Helps Seniors

Home automation technology helps seniors maintain their independence by giving them control over their living space and providing the ability to reach out for help in the case of a medical emergency. Standard home automation features include:

  • Remote access
  • Motion detectors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Broken glass detectors
  • Flood sensors
  • Heat and smoke sensors
Many home security service providers also offer easy-to-use touchscreen devices and smartphone apps, allowing seniors can accomplish the following tasks:
  • See who is at front door without having to get up and look
  • Send immediate request for specific help such as medical, police, or fire department
  • Control interior and exterior lighting
  • Regulate and automate the thermostat
  • Remotely turn on and turn off the alarm system
  • Change security codes
  • Set reminders and alerts
  • Watch real-time video of camera-monitored areas outside the home
Home Automation Services Specifically for Seniors

Many home security companies also offer home automation services specifically geared toward seniors where help is just the push of a button away. These services provide state-of-the-art home health security products such as personal help buttons that are small, portable, and can be worn around the neck or as a wristband. These wireless devices are waterproof and have long-range capability.

Senior-driven home automation services also provide elderly customers with the added convenience of speaking with trained emergency response personnel over a two-way voice intercom system. This is especially useful in the event of a fall or emergency medical situation. Other services often include temperature sensors that send alerts if the house reaches unsafe temperatures and reminders to test the personal help button to ensure it is working properly.

Investing in a home automation service allows seniors to can enjoy all the comforts of home with the added security of knowing that if help is ever needed, it's always there.

How else do you think seniors can benefit from home automation?