Even if your parents are active and healthy, eventually there will come a time when they begin to slow down, when they can no longer see the bread crumbs on the kitchen counter and the lawn isn't mowed. How you determine whether they need a caregiver to visit and tidy the house versus they are in need of 24-hour supportive services? And how do you even broach the subject that your parents need assistance if they don't acknowledge their aging?

Fortunately there are resources available to help you navigate this tricky, delicate situation. Our Resources for Helping You Care For Your Parents center has a series of articles that highlight how you can determine whether your parents need supportive services and how geriatric care managers can help  navigate the long-term care options. There is also a helpful senior living glossary where we breakdown what are care homes and what is meant by independent living. Having a good handle on these terms will be helpful if you find yourself searching for retirement communities.

When it comes to caring for your parents, it is in your best interest to be proactive. You don't want to be faced with making a life-changing decision without knowing your parents' wishes or having them not understand that changes are needed if they require 24-hour supportive services.