How often have you said to a loved one or friend, "take care" but thought to yourself, "what exactly does 'take care' mean?"

According to, the expression, "Take care," has several meanings, including: 1) stay out of harm's way, 2) be watchful, 3) be alert, 4) be cautious, and 5) good bye.

On a more practical level, 'take care' in reference to wellness means having an annual flu shot and other pertinent vaccinations. For seniors, up-to-date vaccinations are essential to good health. In fact, an estimated 45,000 adults in the United States die of complications from vaccine-preventable diseases, report experts at the John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, California.

According to, vaccines for adults age 65 and older may be divided into two categories: 1) the general senior population and 2) seniors at risk.

Recommended Vaccines for the General Senior Population

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Recommended Vaccines for Seniors at Risk

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Additional Resources for Vaccinations

For more information regarding vaccinations for seniors, visit the following resources: Are you current with your vaccinations? What vaccines have your physicians recommended? What is your experience with the shots? Have you had a reaction? welcomes your comments. Simply respond in the Comments Box below.

Written by Joan London, a freelance medical and social service writer in Baltimore.