Summer is the time for family vacations and reunions. After spending time apart, it is easy to see how loved ones have changed, either with young nieces and nephews growing taller or a sister-in-law pregnant with another family addition. While some changes are marveled over and remarked with pride, other changes can be sobering, such as a grandparent forgetting people's names or your mother laughing away frequent falls. In these cases, it is important for family members to be proactive in assessing their loved one's mental and physical capacity so help can be arranged for before a more serious event happens.

If you are worried that requiring assistance with some activities of daily living (ADLs) means your love one has to join a senior living community, in many situations that is not the case. Home care services can allow seniors to live comfortably and safely in their own home. And if you are unsure of what signs to look for to determine if your parents or other elderly family members need assistance to remain independent, we have compiled a list of helpful questions.

  1. Are medications currently or being taken regularly?
  2. Is there food in the refrigerator?
  3. Does your family member's skin feel soft and have a normal color?
  4. Can your family member see clearly?
  5. Can your family member hear you?
To learn more about why these are important questions to ask when considering your loved one's welfare, visit our Five Signs Your Loved one Might Need Assisted Living Services page to learn more. Our Assisted Living Center also contains other helpful articles that will help you learn how to handle with your parents' new transition.