With Thanksgiving now officially behind us, there are only four more weeks until the end of 2013 and the pressure to fill those empty rooms in your community by the end of the year is starting to build. While year's end may not be the most popular time for move-ins, a little creativity and some inspiration from Black Friday can help you reach your sales goals.

Here are some examples of what our clients are doing this month to fill their communities:

1. Discounts

By far the most popular tactic to rent apartments late in the year is to offer significant discounts for those who sign a lease and/or take possession in December. From waiving move-in fees to locking in rental rates to a free month (or two or three) of rent, the key word consumers hear is “savings”!

2. Promotional Add-Ons

Some communities create additional value for prospective residents by offering concierge services, such as moving, packing or decorating, for free. Handing out gift cards, upgrading apartment finishes and even giving away free appliances are just some of the incentives we’ve seen communities use to entice new residents.

3. Respite Stays

Another approach to increasing occupancy at the end of the year is to encourage more short-term respite stays. By doing this, you are not only able to increase residency at the end of the year, but also build a solid pipeline of prospective residents for the next year. Our experience has shown that consumers who complete respite stays convert more frequently into permanent residents than consumers who come in sight unseen.

4. Holiday Events

Organizing a holiday-themed event for the public is a great way to get people in your front door and see what your community has to offer. Popular events have included fundraisers, raffles, silent auctions, food donation drives and photos with Santa.

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