Do a Google search on caregiver resources and you will return over 24,000,000 search results. How do you weed through those results to find the website that will address your specific issue, especially since your free time is limited?  To help you navigate the caregiver resources available at the federal level, the White House Conference on Aging has compiled a brand-new resource. In this one-stop Federal Resources for Caregivers guide, you can find links to agencies and online educational resources which will support your caregiving efforts.

Do you have a question regarding how to pay for hospice or community-based services?  There's a link for that. Do you want to learn more about reducing the fall risk of your loved one? The STEADI Initiative offers educational materials that range from suggested exercises for your love one to a checklist you can use to reduce the fall risk in a home.

There are also resources to help you be a more effective caregiver, such as how to care for a person with Alzheimer's disease and what you can do to maintain your health and well-being. Though you may feel solely responsible for caring for your aging parents, there are many resources and advocates who can help lessen your burden. All you have to do is ask.