To kick off the holiday season, Emeritus Senior Living has launched a video series that provides valuable tips and information to help seniors (and those who love and care for them) lead safer and healthier lives.

The videos star the animated character, Maude, who likes to meddle and dole out advice for the greater good. A new video will be launched each Tuesday at Maude’s Facebook page, and her Twitter profile, @MeddlingMaude.

Emeritus Senior Living - Tips for Seniors and the People  Who Love Them

“We’ve taken a lighthearted and humorous approach to topics that can have serious implications for seniors,” says Jayne Sallerson, Executive Vice President of Emeritus Senior Living. “For instance, Maude talks about how to reduce the risk of falls, avoid scams, get a better night’s sleep and how to improve brain health, which can help delay the onset of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia.”

As families gather for the holiday season, the videos can provide adult children with a fun and easy way to start a conversation about topics that may be difficult to approach. The videos, such as ‘How to Live to be 100,’ which features advice from real-life centenarians, are perfect for the entire family to enjoy, as much of Maude’s advice is applicable to people of all ages.

The video series is part of Emeritus Senior Living’s “Safely Somewhere” program, the goal of which is to help ensure all seniors are safe wherever they live.