Archive for the ‘Product Reviews’ Category Launches for Aging Adults and Caregivers, one of the nation’s largest nonprofit providers of senior living communities, has launched a new website geared at providing tips and resources for aging adults, families and caregivers. is a robust collection of articles, guides and other resources encompassing relationships, healthy aging, retirement, senior living, entertainment and much more. My Silver Age

“We are excited to be able to offer this important resource to serve the informational needs of older adults and their families,” says John H. Cochrane III,’s president and CEO, in a press release issued by the company. “Every day, we’re inspired by seniors living amazing, rich lives. Our commitment is to grow this site over time and open a window on a positive side of aging we believe needs to be shared.”

A realistic, yet enthusiastic, approach to aging provides expert-written content and commentary on a wide range of lifestyle and health considerations facing today’s older generation. The site has a strong positive vibe, with a clear emphasis on living life to the fullest–regardless of age. Through videos, frequently-asked questions, blogs and social media networks, older adults and those who care for them can connect with others undergoing the same phase of life, facing the same challenges and experiencing the same joy that life has to offer.

The website’s About Us page outlines their mission clearly: “MySilverAge is not about denying your age. It’s about living the life you want to live, regardless of age. It’s about living long and living well. It’s about putting the wisdom and clarity that comes with age into action—and doing all of the things you dream of doing. It’s about truly being yourself.” It’s not about being delusional about the realities of aging, but facing those realities with a positive attitude and an enthusiastic approach that helps many seniors take the downsides of aging in stride, while maximizing those joyous experiences that make life worth living.

A valuable resource for caregivers, too

It’s not all about the seniors, either. Caregivers will find a valuable source of information on navigating the obstacles that come with balancing children, aging parents, careers and life overall. Downloadable guides cover everything from understanding the different types of senior housing options to managing long-distance caregiving.

If you haven’t yet checked out, we encourage you to do so. Download a free guide, view informative videos, sign up for the newsletter or just peruse the blog for fun and interesting content. We’re excited to see what has in store in the coming weeks and months!

MySilverAge is not about denying your age. It’s about living the life you want to live, regardless of age. It’s about living long and living well. It’s about putting the wisdom and clarity that comes with age into action—and doing all of the things you dream of doing. It’s about truly being yourself. – See more at:
MySilverAge is not about denying your age. It’s about living the life you want to live, regardless of age. It’s about living long and living well. It’s about putting the wisdom and clarity that comes with age into action—and doing all of the things you dream of doing. It’s about truly being yourself. – See more at:

Congratulations to the Winners and Top Rated Senior Communities in Seattle, Portland and Phoenix

Yesterday, we announced the official launch of our first-of-its-kind, comprehensive national ratings system for senior living communities. We’ve determined the Winners in our pilot markets, including Seattle, Portland and Phoenix, and identified the Top Rated senior communities in those metro areas.

Our Winners and Top Rated senior communities have been chosen based on ratings from local senior living industry professionals, resident and family reviews, state inspection data and more. Congratulations to all our Winners and Top Rated senior communities!

Seattle Top Rated Senior Communities

Huge congrats to Garden Court Retirement Community, our winner in the Seattle area! For a full list of all the senior communities in Seattle earning the Top Rated distinction, click here

Phoenix Top Rated Senior Communities

Big congratulations to Freedom Inn at Sun City West, our winner in the Phoenix metro area! To see all the senior communities earning a Top Rated distinction in Phoenix, click here.

Portland Top Rated Senior Communities

Sending out a big congrats to Markham House, operated by LeisureCare, our winner in the Greater Portland area! For a full list of the senior communities earning the Top Rated distinction in Greater Portland, click here.

Endorse Your Favorite Senior Communities in Western U.S.

In addition to announcing the results for our pilot markets, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve launched the awards program in metros in the Western U.S., including:

Follow these links to endorse your favorite senior communities today!

We’re Coming to a City Near You!

Will we be coming to a city near you? Throughout the year, we’ll be rolling out our awards program in 50 major metropolitan markets across the U.S. For full details on the Best Senior Living Awards, eligibility criteria, an awards timeline and a complete list of the cities we’ll be covering throughout the year, visit our Program Details and Rules page.

Are you a provider? Even if we haven’t launched in your market yet, you can start taking steps to improve your rating today! Visit to get started.

Thanks to Our Local Senior Living Experts

Last but certainly not least, many thanks to our top-notch panel of local senior living experts who helped make this happen in Seattle, Portland and Phoenix! If you’d like to be a local expert, email us at [email protected] to find out if you qualify.

Congratulations to the 2013 Best Senior Living Awards Winners!

The nominees are in, votes have been tallied and judges have entered their ratings. We’re pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Best Senior Living Awards in the Websites, Blogs and People categories! Congratulations to our category winners, People’s Choice winners, and to each and every nominee and finalist.

The program continues to grow each year, and this year we had more than 500 nominees and 23,000 votes! We discovered some incredible new resources along the way, and we hope you did, too! Every nominee is worthy of an award – there’s some great information and services out there for seniors, their families and senior living industry professionals.

Winners by category include:

Consumer Resources

Industry Recognition and Resources


People’s Choice Winners by category include:

Consumer Resources

Industry Recognition and Resources

Make sure to say a big congrats to all of this year’s winners, finalists and nominees!

Don’t forget: We’ve launched another leg of this year’s contest. Nominations are open in Seattle, Phoenix and Portland for the Best Senior Living Communities Award Program. Get all the details here and nominate your favorite communities in these metro areas today!

Seniors Can Continue Having an Active Lifestyle with an Electric Wheelchair

This is a guest post contributed by Paul Stiner of

There may be a time in a person’s life that a wheelchair is needed. If the need is short-lived, then a manual wheelchair will be sufficient. If the need is long-term, they may want to look into the possibility of acquiring an electric wheelchair. These are a bit more expensive, but they also allow the individual with much more freedom.

Electric wheelchairsare the perfect solution to resolving the mobility needs of seniors. If Medicare is their primary insurance, 80% of the cost should be covered. If secondary insurance is also being used, they may pay the difference. Therefore, cost should not a problem. If so, there are other types of assistance.

Electric wheelchairs aid mobility.

Image by jvangalen on Stock.xchng

The biggest advantage of electric wheelchairs as opposed to manual wheelchairs is the freedom the disabled person will have. When in the chair, no addition assistance is needed in order for the person to get around. They will be able to go pretty much anywhere there are not steps if there is payment, even up hills. An electric wheelchair is also much easier on those with less upper body strength.

There are several types of electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Before purchasing one, read reviews on the different types and ask others who are using one for their opinions and suggestions. The individual should ask their doctor, physical therapist or salespeople at the mobility stores which ones they feel are the best options for them. The average speed of an electric wheelchair is between four and five miles per hour which is usually sufficient, since that is the normal speed to keep up with others that may be accompanying the individual in the wheelchair.

Electric wheelchairs run on either a rechargeable wet cell or gel cell battery. Many electric wheelchairs are advertised as having a range of between 20 and 25 miles per charge. The length of the charge is dependent on the type, size and age of the battery, the rider’s weight, the speed that the chair is driven, consistency of speed and the terrain. Going up hills will use more battery charge than if using on a flat surface. Usually a wet cell battery will give a better range which may be a major concern if going out to a lot of touring in one day without stopping to recharge.

Obviously, an electric wheelchair will be heavier considering the additional weight of a battery and possible other equipment that may be added. If the wheelchair will be transported often, that will need to be taken into consideration. A wheelchair lift attachment on the car being used will be a necessity. If traveling by plane or ship, assistance to have it lifted will also be necessary at times.

The invention of the electric wheelchair has done wonders for the lives of active seniors who want to continue living a somewhat normal lifestyle. They can continue coming and going as they please without waiting for someone to come and help push them. There are many people using electric wheelchairs now that are able to continue participating in many of the same sports they love. Just because of physical disabilities, life as known before the disability does not have to change totally thanks to an electric wheelchair.


Company Spotlight : The Caregiver Partnership

Caregiving can feel overwhelming at times, but there’s a resource that aims to help.  The CareGiver Partnership is an online resource dedicated to providing family caregivers and their loved ones with the products, services, and resources they need to remain healthy and safe at home. In its sixth year of helping caregivers and seniors, this national direct-to-consumer retailer is much more than a Web site; it’s personalized attention, educational resources and thousands of home healthcare products, all in one convenient place.

The Caregiver Partnership was recently a nominee in the Best Senior Living Online Retailer Category for the 2012 Best of the Web Awards.

Accessible caregiver support team

The Neenah, Wis.-based company has its own caregiver call center staffed by an all-female team of current and former caregivers. The team is available to answer product questions and make recommendations every day of the week, from 9–4 CST, through a toll-free number: 1-800-985-1353. There are four other ways to contact The CareGiver Partnership: e-mail, fax, standard mail or through an online contact form.

Board-certified physician assistant

The CareGiver Partnership team is supported by a board-certified physician assistant and Mayo Clinic trained nutritionist. Readers can fill out an online form to ask her a question, and benefit from her extensive experience in the areas of incontinence, diabetes, cancer, wound healing, therapeutic diets and nutrition support.

Homecare products that help maintain dignity

The thousands of helpful products carried by The CareGiver Partnership include everything needed for in-home care. Customers can search by condition, brand or category. Categories include incontinence, skin care, daily living aids, mobility, freshly prepared home-delivered meals, emergency fall detection and more.

Largest online caregiver resource library

With the largest online caregiver resource library, including links to more than 1,200 caregiver information sites, readers can find the information they need, simply and quickly. And it’s updated weekly to ensure the best and most credible information is always available.

Hundreds of helpful articles for caregivers

On The CareGiver Partnership blog, readers have free access to hundreds of helpful articles on a range of caregiver issues. The blog’s hottest topics include advice on incontinence-related tax deductions, caregiver health tips, and tools for long-distance caregiving.

To learn more about the Caregiver Partnership check out this recent video.

Memo Touch: A New Tablet Specifically for Seniors

If you or a loved one suffer from short-term memory loss, there’s a new tablet PC designed specifically for you: The Memo Touch, a tech gadget with limited functionality (compared to the typical tablet PCs like iPads), which offers reminders to take medication, keep scheduled appointments and even collaborate with friends and loved ones via an integrated calendar tool.

New tool for short-term memory loss

Image by aiyaz on Stock.xchng

This collaborative tool can be a lifesaver for long-distance caregivers, saving endless phone calls to remind an aging parent to take care of important tasks. An interactive website, accessible by anyone given a password, allows siblings, professional caregivers and patients to coordinate tasks through scheduled calendar events and personal messages. Loved ones can even send personal messages and photos.

Memo Touch is an especially useful tool when there are several family members all participating in caring for a loved one. With Memo Touch, it’s easy to coordinate schedules, assign family members certain tasks and ensure that everyone involved in care is on the same page and aware of all important details. The device can be updated remotely, meaning caregivers in distant cities can add appointments and other events. It’s more reliable than the typical sticky note and calendar method, as these more tangible items are easily misplaced.

It’s designed specifically for individuals with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, who are still capable of handling many tasks alone yet need a gentle reminder to aid with short-term memory loss. Because it’s designed for aging adults, it’s limited functionality provides a shorter learning curve for those not accustomed to new technology. Memo Touch contains all the features needed to coordinate care and maintain proper schedules, without the addition of dozens of applications that will rarely–if ever–be used.

Memo Touch is a relatively new product, introduced in 2010. Those interested in learning how Memo Touch works can sign up for a free, 14-day trial on the Memo Touch website, which will allow complete use of the website during that timeframe for multiple users. If you decide to purchase Memo Touch, the cost is $299 for the device plus a monthly subscription fee. (6 months at $29 per month or 12 months at $25 per month). There’s a three-month trial period, so if you decide Memo Touch isn’t right for you after trying it for a few weeks, you may return it for a complete refund.