November is National Family Caregiver Month.  This fact is known to few in the country except those who are consistently trying to support and recognize caregivers.  The Caregivers Voice is one of those organizations.

Founded in 1998 by Brenda Avadian, MA, their mission is to bring hope and strength to caregivers of adults with cognitive impairment through knowledge, support, resources, and humor.

It was Brenda's personal experience as a caregiver for her father that led her to start Caregiver's Voice.  Since then she has a become a national spokeswoman, an author, and a caregiving expert.

So, just as has been honoring caregivers with the Caregiver Recognition Awards, the Caregiver's Voice has been highlighting individual caregivers throughout the year with their Caregiver of the Month Program. Every month, The Caregiver’s Voice recognizes a family or professional caregiver for a loved one with cognitive impairment caused by dementia (Alzheimer’s, FTD/Lewy Body, Vascular, Parkinson’s, etc.) stroke, cancer brain, or trauma.  They hope to continue to expand their program and in 2012 will be offering bigger awards to the winning caregivers.

During the month of November they will honor all the family caregivers who have won Caregiver of the Month this year and in December they will honor the professional caregivers who have won Caregiver of the Month in 2011.   These caregivers are individuals who, despite the challenges and obstacles, still try to go above and beyond the call of duty to provide exceptional care for brain-impaired adult loved ones.

Brenda Avadian consistently strives to raise awareness and support for all the family and professional caregivers out there.   So, please take the time this month to thank the Caregivers in your community.  Check out the Caregiver's Voice to see more ways you can support caregivers in your community.