Caregiver of the Month: Jhenina Domingo

This submission was received from Jhenina Domingo, in response for our desire to help share the stories of caregivers.  Jhenina will be a nominee in the November 2012 Caregiver Recognition Awards.

Hi my name is Jhenina Domingo, I have worked at Aegis of Edmonds for almost 11 months. I was working as caregiver for 2 months and now I am a medication caremanager for 9 months now. But before I worked at aegis I was working as an adult family homecare for 1yr.  I moved at aegis because I wanted to gain more exprience and more adventures, like work with other people and take care of other residents since I only work by my self at homecare.  Anyway’s when I started working in aegis I was so happy the staff was so nice and also residents there are so precious they are my family now.   They make me happy and inspire me everyday.  I know its a rough work, but its ok I really dont care about my work all I care is the residents that I take care of everyday.  That is why we are here to give them there needs like tender loving care, happiness, and safeness.

Everyday or night I come to work I always put a big smile on my face and pray to god to keep us safe for everyday,and when I got home I’ll pray again and thanks him for another day that he gave us.

I also have a experience dreaming of the resident before he passed away, he told me goodbye and to take good care of my self and also my wife.  He said to keep doing what you have been doing god will bless you and thank you for taking care of me.  Then I woke up at exactly 12am and cried. When I came to work I saw his family they told me, that he had passed away at 12am and I was shock and cry again.  I told the family that I had dreamed of him, and they told me thank you so much for being  so kind, thoughtful, patient and loving to our dad.  It melts my heart that somehow there’s a people who really appreciate us.

Also when the residents say thank you for what you do for us, we really appreciate your love and caring you give to us,  bless your heart your an amazing person, I love them so much. Every night before they go to bed I gave them a hugs and thank you kiss :)

There is no greater treasure than the smile of a resident when you make their day. Only truly dedicated and truly caring people can place a high value on these very special moments.

My grandparents passed away when I was teenager, now when I look at every residents I think of my grandparents, I wish they were still alive so i can take care of them too.I love them so much. My mom lives faraway from me in Philippines  and she always telling me when she gets old don’t leave me.  I told her mom I won’t I will be here forever mom, I’ll take good care of you like I do to all my residents now.

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8 Responses to “Caregiver of the Month: Jhenina Domingo”

  1. Rediet says:

    This girl i know her for about 10 month at work and ever since i know her she is hard worker ,caring and smart . She is reliable at work,She treats residents as if her parents.she never complain work overload and loved by coworkers and family members.

  2. Ellen says:

    I am very happy of what you have become. A passionate, caring, kind,dedicated person. I know how it feels when patients show and tell their appreciation because I am somewhat in the same line of work, patient care…I know that you’re not doing it just because it is your’re doing it also because you love what you do…it is very rewarding when you’re able to care for your patients. Keep it up…for me, you’re always a winner.

  3. Chris says:

    I am the daughter of one of Jhenian’s residents and she is so reliable and cares so much that Mom has her medicatons. She goes the extra mile and doesn’t give up until the problem has been solved.

    Aegis is very lucky to have an employee as dedicated as Jhenian is. I wish they had more!

  4. rubilyn says:

    your hard work and dedication will resulted a good success in your life… keep it up anak…. I’m so proud of u….. I’m really lucky having you as my one and only daughter… a daughter that is so dedicated on her work.. she gives all her best … again .. ANAK I’ M REALLY PROUD OF YOU… I’m always here to support you ….. MISS U SO MUCH …. HOPE TO SEE U SOON… MAHAL N MAHAL KITA….. STAY AS WHAT YOU ARE.. KEEP YOUR FEET ALWAYS ON THE GROUND… love u so much

  5. Sarah says:

    I am so lucky to get to work with jhenina. She always goes above and beyond her job to make sure our residents know she truly cares about them. Last week we had a resident who was resisting taking their medication do jhenina started to dance and be fun with the resident. It took all of the stress out of the simple task of taking medication and the resident stopped resisting. Jhenina’s rosey red cheeks and big smile are such a blessing to us all each day.

  6. rene antonio says:

    i know jhen when she was still a girl coming with her mom to our office everyday in the philippines.i observed her as a polite,good mannered and intelligent young girl.i was not surprised by then because she came from a decent and well bred family.little did i know now that the little girl i know before had made her name in the field of caregiving.being cited as an outstanding employee is somethig to be proud of not only to herself,to her family but as a filipino as proud of you.keep up the good work!!.

  7. Hi! Jhen, though we had not met yet, but everytime your mom & me had the chance to chat she always tells me how proud she is. Keep it up. Take care.

  8. cathy mira says:

    your job is tough. you have to have the heart and compassion for people for you to last on this kind of job. i can see that you are such a sweet girl, continue loving your residents, continue loving your work, continue loving people, a person like you and all you do as a caregiver are highly appreciated… keep up the good work!!

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