Top 10 Gifts for your parent in assisted livingCelebrating birthdays and holidays with your elderly parents becomes more meaningful than ever before. That's why you always want to give the perfect gift.

Space and physical limitations, however, make gift-giving challenging. Consider these 10 gifts that serve practical purposes and show your parents how much you love them.

1. Family Photo Albums Your parents don't have room to display dozens of framed family photos, but they will cherish a small family photo album. Make this gift even more memorable when you alternate pictures with journaling that tells who's in the picture and what's happening.

2. Beautician Gift Certificates Everyone needs occasional haircuts, which makes beautician gift certificates perfect for your parents. In addition to giving certificates for on-site, community-based beautician services, consider finding a beautician who make makes house calls.

3. Appreciation Cards Your parents need to know that you love and appreciate them. Write your heartfelt sentiments in a birthday or holiday card, and encourage your kids and siblings to do the same.

4. Special Outings A trip to a favorite café, bookstore or park allows you and your parents to share a few memorable hours together. Plan this trip to occur on a birthday or surprise your parents with the outing for no reason at all.

5. Handheld, Electronic Games Give your parents hours of entertainment and brain strengthening fun when you give them handheld, electronic games. Games like Scrabble, Tetris, Chess and Sudoku strengthen memory and keep your parents' brains active. Plus, these games are fun and easy to carry from the living room to a waiting room.

6. Magazines From pop culture to a favorite hobby, magazines entertain your parents. Your parents can then pass on the issues they've read to a neighbor or doctor's office.

7. Non-slip Slippers For late night visits to the bathroom and quick trips to a friend's room, non-slip slippers provide solid footing and comfort. Be sure to select a design that's easy for your parents to slip into and wash.

8. Extra Warm Layers Help your parents stay comfortable and cozy in all kinds of weather when you give them a sweater, blanket or gloves. As a bonus, electric blankets and hand mitts soothe arthritis pain.

8. Specialty Pillows A comfortable pillow can promote a good night's sleep or cushion an aching back. Ask your parents if they would prefer a hard, soft, down, buckwheat or comfort foam pillow, and remember to buy a new pillowcase.

9. Professional Massage Aches and pains plague many seniors. A massage may be just what the doctor ordered to provide gentle relief.

10. Snack Bags Rigid meal times and dietary restrictions may limit the snacks your parents can eat. They'll appreciate snack bags that include a variety of sugar-free candies and cookies, no-salt nuts, 90-calorie granola bars and rice cakes.

With these 10 top gifts, you meet your parents’ practical needs while showing them how much you love and appreciate them. Plan now to give these gifts for birthdays, holidays and special occasions year round.