Did you know that your state government regularly inspects, licenses and investigates complaints against long-term care facilities? This allows authorities, residents and the public to be informed of any incidents, abuse or other issues within senior living communities.

National overview of assisted living licensing

Whether you are considering joining a retirement community yourself or looking for an assisted living facility for a loved one, it can be confusing to navigate the facility and care options available for seniors. What causes this confusion is that there is no national standard as to what communities are called or how they are licensed. Even the term long-term care can be confusing. Long-term care could mean assisted living and nursing homes in one state while another state considers long-term care only applicable to nursing homes. Read more about licensing...

How does your state license assisted living facilities?

No one has time to wade through the confusing websites to find inspection reports or learn about the statutes that govern the licensing of assisted living facilities. That's why we have created a helpful overview for each state that details the license types, where to find inspection reports and where to file complaints.

Overviews for the remaining states are being written so stay tuned.