Senior apartments are a retirement community for adults 55 and older who are in good health and want to live independently near other, like-minded seniors but don't want the services found at a full-service retirement community. Senior apartments come at all price points, from luxury to market rate to affordable housing, and can satisfy all types of lifestyles.

Senior Apartments: A House without the Upkeep

Senior apartments are age-restricted, multi-unit residences designed for 55+ adults who are in good health. The designation senior apartments requires that one member of the household be at least 55. Learn more about Senior Apartments

Affordable Senior Apartments

Though many seniors have saved enough to live comfortably during retirement, some seniors must remain on a budget. Affordable senior apartments provide a safe, secure setting for seniors who can't afford to live in a private pay community. SHAG is one nonprofit that provides affordable apartments for seniors and here are examples of their work:  Senior Housing Assistance Group:  Making Senior Living Affordable and Senior Housing Assistance Group’s Community Life Foundation Helps Seniors to Age in Place.