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Cost of Maine Assisted Living

Waves crash against a rocky shore in ME (Maine) where a lighthouse stands in the background The average cost of Assisted Living in Maine is $4,800 per month. This is higher than the national average which is $2,877 per month.

In Maine there are 97 Assisted Living Facilities. We can help you find the best matches for your needs.

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Overview of Maine Assisted Living

Stunning and picturesque, Maine is known for its gorgeous waterways, rocky coastline, divine seafood cuisine and forested interior. Geographically striking and full of exciting cultural ambiguity, Maine is the least densely populated state in the country, making it uniquely quiet, but still full of activity. Portland, Maine was voted America’s “most livable city” by Forbes magazine, and also happens to be named the “foodiest small town in America,” by Bon Appetit magazine. If that’s not enough to seal the deal—historic landmarks, fantastic art museums and nationally ranked golf courses have a way of luring in both tourists and residents alike. Seniors are sure to find assisted living in Maine to be warm, tender and alluring.

Assisted Living in Maine Defined

Maine Assisted LivingIn Maine, Assisted Living Facilities offer private, apartment-style living arrangements where assisted living services such as help with activities of daily living, managing medications and, in some cases, nursing services, are provided by professional staff. Assisted living services can also be provided in Residential Care Facilities (RCFs) which are typically operated out of private homes by families or small businesses and offer shared room and board. There are four levels of licensed Residential Care Facilities:
  • Level I – a facility with a licensed capacity of 1-2 residents.
  • Level II – a facility with a licensed capacity of 3-6 residents. These are primarily operated by family units.
  • Level III – a facility with a licensed capacity of 3-6 residents and which employs 3 or more people who are not owners and are not related to the owner.
  • Level IV – a facility with a licensed capacity of 7 or more residents.
You can find Residential Care Facilities in our Care Homes category.

Regulation of Maine Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living Maine is regulated by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). All facilities must be licensed through the Maine Office of the Attorney General. Residential Care Facility Administrators must be at least 21 years of age, hold a high school diploma and have completed a board-certified program in residential care or assisted living. Residential Care Administrators are required to complete 12 board-certified continuing education credits per year. Back to Top