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Kentucky has an interesting mix of rugged, natural landscapes and busy city streets. The climate is excellent, with four full seasons. The summers tend to be hot and humid, and winters relatively mild with some risk of snow. Seniors retiring to Kentucky retirement communities cannot overlook the state’s major attractions, including the historic Churchill Downs, Louisville Slugger Museum, and Muhammad Ali Memorial. Kentucky is also known for its brewing and viticulture. Mature adults may enjoy day trips to the wineries, breweries, and bourbon distilleries scattered in the state's rich agricultural landscape. Given the mixture of rolling hills, cascading mountains and booming metropolis, the state certainly offers something for everyone.

Kentucky Retirement Community Defined

Kentucky Retirement CommunitiesThe state of Kentucky defines a retirement community as a suburb or small town which focuses on the entertainment, service, and leisure needs of retirees. These communities are located where all basic needs are within easy reach and seniors can live independently in peace, knowing that there is a support system in place should they have an emergency. Kentucky retirement communities provide individual rental homes to those in the over 55 demographic, and have medical professionals on staff 24-hours a day to assist seniors with unforeseen medical needs. They also offer housekeeping and maintenance services. Back to Top