Connecticut Assisted Living

Cost of Connecticut Assisted Living

A lone lighthouse stands at the end of a point in CT (Connecticut) The average cost of Assisted Living in Connecticut is $5,575 per month. This is higher than the national average which is $2,877 per month.

In Connecticut there are 98 Assisted Living Facilities. We can help you find the best matches for your needs.

Map of Connecticut Assisted Living Facilities

Overview of Connecticut Assisted Living

The “Constitution State” is home to more than 3.5 million people, making it the 29th most populous state in the country. While not as well-known as its neighbor New York, notable historic attractions and breathtaking scenery provide plenty of activities for Connecticut residents. Those who chose assisted living in Connecticut will enjoy trips to one of the state’s 94 parks or more than 200 golf courses. The gorgeous Long Island Shore is a welcome vacation spot for tourists, and numerous historical attractions, such as the famous Nathan Hale Homestead, are always a sight to see.

Assisted Living in Connecticut Defined

“Assisted Living Facility” is not a legally defined term in Connecticut. Rather, assisted living in Connecticut is composed of a relationship between two separate entities: “Managed Residential Communities” (MRC) and “Assisted Living Service Agencies” (ALSA). Managed Residential Communities are residential homes for adults age 55 and older that provide residents with care services from Assisted Living Service Agencies. The Managed Residential Community itself is responsible for providing core services such as preparation of meals, laundry service and transportation. Similar to assisted living communities in other states, Assisted Living Service Agencies contract with or work out of Managed Residential Communities. The Assisted Living Service Agency provides 24-hour care, an on-site nursing staff and assistance with daily activities, including grooming, dressing and administering medication.

Licensing of Connecticut Assisted Living Facilities

Connecticut Assisted Living In the state of Connecticut, there are several levels of care and facilities that serve the elderly. These levels of care and facilities include assisted living service agencies, managed residential communities, residential care homes and rest home with nursing supervision. The level of care and facility that primarily provide assisted living services or housing options are an assisted living services agency, a residential care home or a managed residential community. To learn more on how these entities are licensed in Connecticut, please visit our Connecticut Licensing Summary.

Legislation of Connecticut Assisted Living Facilities

As of January 1, 2012, with the approval of Public Act No. 11-242 (pg. 125), the State of Connecticut now requires a criminal history and patient abuse background search of individuals whose job duties entail direct (physical) access to a resident or patient that allows for the opportunity to commit abuse, neglect, or theft of a patient or resident. This means nursing homes, assisted living service agencies, hospice care, and hospitals must conduct background checks prior to employment. Currently homemaker-companion agencies are exempt from this law, but there is discussion on whether this should change.   Back to Top