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The 49th state also offers amazing natural beauty and plenty of excellent opportunities for outdoor recreation, especially during the short summer season. To offset the expense of living in Alaska, the state offers the lowest tax burden of any U.S. state thanks to its lack of state income or sales tax. Small cities like Seward and Homer offer excellent Alaska retirement communities, while retirees in search of greater creature comforts can look to communities in Anchorage and Juneau. Retiring seniors can look forward to enjoying activities throughout the year like dog sledding, kayaking and hiking through some of the state's numerous national parks.

Alaska Retirement Communities Defined

Alaska Retirement CommunitiesAlaska retirement communities offer an excellent opportunity for mature adults over the age of 55 to enjoy their golden years without any worries or hassles. The retirement community lifestyle entails maintenance-free living inside pre-arranged accommodations while enjoying a variety of activities in and around the community. Unlike assisted living communities or nursing homes, seniors have the opportunity to maintain their independence, leaving them free to do whatever they wish. Most retirement community accommodations include apartment or condo-style housing, private cottages or single level homes. Well-trained, dedicated staff takes care of maintenance, housekeeping and general upkeep, while remaining on-call 24 hours a day to handle emergencies. Back to Top