Expertise: Geriatric Care Manager
Region: Charlotte, NC
Experience: 10 Years
Company: Elder Options
Contact: [email protected]

(704) 942-0650 

Scott TenBroeck served as a local expert in the 2013 Best Senior Living Communities awards program in the Charlotte Metro.

About Scott

Elder Options was founded by Scott TenBroeck who had the honor of caring for his grandparents in Florida. As he watched his beloved grandparents decline in health, he noticed people were starting to take advantage of them. Solicitation calls were more frequent and seemingly trustworthy individuals were trying to take their hard earned money.

After talking with others, Scott realized that older adults were very vulnerable and needed someone acting in their best interest. He decided to gain experience as a director in assisted living, adult day care, home health, memory care and nursing homes. He also became a county ombudsman, investigating complaints within assisted living homes. In addition he obtained his Master’s Degree in Health Administration.

After 10 years of working with all different types of older adults, Scott has taken his passion for care to each individual who needs help navigating the confusing elder care system. He finds the resources that are the best fit for them. Each client is someone’s beloved family member and they need an advocate.

Growing older presents many transitions. Elder Options is here to walk with you through every step.

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