Review Response Policies

We encourage providers to respond to reviews posted on their profile page. Below you will find guidelines on how to create a good response as well as our response policies.

Who is leaving reviews on

Reviews are welcome from:

  • Current/past residents
  • Family members/friends of residents
  • Individuals who have toured/visited the provider

Reviews are not accepted from:

  • Current/past employees of a provider
  • Individuals who are employed by the parent company
  • Individuals who are a competitor of the provider/parent company

Helpful tips when responding to a review

Here are some good things to remember when responding to a review of your community or service provider.

  • Keep responses professional: Responses to reviews are published below the review to which you are responding. This response can be seen by anyone reading the reviews of your business, so the content should be written in a way that reflects your own customer service guidelines or policies.
  • Respond to the content of the review: Whether positive or negative, you should respond with content that is relevant to the review. How you respond to the review may in fact be more valuable than the actual review itself.
  • Remember that negative reviews can be valuable: Although difficult to read, a negative review may provide valuable insight into an area of improvement for your business.

Things to avoid when responding to a review

We want responses to reviews on to be helpful and informative to all. Certain types of content can hinder this, so here are some general guidelines on thingsĀ that can qualify a response for rejection.

  • Information that is not relevant to the review: While talking about a new program at your community or and advanced service you can now provide may be interesting, please keep your response within the context of the review.
  • Language or content that is profane, obscene, defamatory, vulgar, hateful, fraudulent, threatening or pornographic in nature: We want content that is appropriate for all readers, so responses that contain any of the above will not be accepted.
  • Solicitation of services: Responses are a place for you as a community/service provider to directly respond to consumer submitted content, so please do not include in your reply any marketing language about products or services.
  • Job postings: If you have open positions at your community/service provider, please utilize one of the many job posting sites on the web.
  • Personal contact information: Please refrain from including phone numbers, postal mailing addresses, email addresses, dates of birth and other personally identifiable information.
  • URLs or HTML tags: Although providing a link to your website or adding bold text for emphasis might seem like a good idea, we do not permit either in responses.

Additional information

We know how important your responses to reviews are. makes every effort to moderate both reviews by consumers and responses by communities/service providers within five business days. If additional investigation into the content of a review or response is required, reviews or responses may be held in moderation for a period of time exceeding three business days. does not modify the contents of a review or response for any reason, including but not limited to misspellings, typos or grammatical errors.

For more information about reviews on, visit our Reviews FAQ. reserves the right to remove a review or comment at any time for any reason without notice. Reviews and comments on are the sole opinion of the respective author and do not reflect the opinion of or its members. We do not support or endorse any of the opinions found in reviews or comments on