The decision to seek long-term residential care for an elderly loved one is often difficult and stressful for both the senior and family members involved. Fortunately, there are several options available when choosing long-term care to allow senior citizens to age gracefully and with dignity in an environment they are comfortable in.

One of the most popular options in senior care, personal care homes are highly praised for their home-like appearance and environment. For seniors wishing to stay in a smaller, community-based setting and still maintain some independence, personal care homes are a great fit.

Care home residents are usually given a private room in the home and share common areas with other residents. Personal care homes are small, often limited to 10 residents or less, and are located in single- or multi-family homes in residential neighborhoods. Trained and qualified staff are available to help with personal needs and medical care at a level on par with skilled nursing facilities. In most personal care homes, residents are free to come and go as they are able, to enjoy time out with family and friends.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Personal Care Home

Many things must be considered when touring personal care homes and selecting the home that best suits the needs of the resident:


For senior citizens wishing to stay close to family and friends, the location of the home is one of the most important deciding factors. The personal care home selected should have quick access to medical facilities in the event of a medical emergency.

State Records

Personal care homes are often licensed or certified by the state in which they are located. Inspection and incident records may be available to the public and can be used in the selection a personal care home.


Personal care homes have a cost associated with room and board, along with the cost of staff to assist and administer medical care. These rates are often priced daily or monthly and should include a breakdown of the costs.


It is not uncommon in personal care homes for staff to become like extended family to the residents that live there. Interviewing other residents and meeting staff will help potential residents become familiar with the type of people employed there. Interviewing the house manager can offer the opportunity to ask about the frequency of staffing changes.


Most personal care homes have planned activities to keep their residents active and enjoying themselves. Social hours and structured activities can offer joy and fun for residents while at home. Coordinated outings for shopping and enjoyment keep residents active in the community.

Find Personal Care Homes

Personal care homes are the perfect solution to long-term care needs and when selected with care and caution, a perfect harmonious living arrangement can relieve the senior citizen and their loved ones. Browse our nationwide directory to Find Care Homes in your area.

Written by senior housing staff writer.