Marky OlsonMarky Olson lives in Sammamish, WA with her husband, her sweetheart from college days at Miami University in Ohio. She is a retired high school English and public speaking teacher and model. She is currently a freelance business and copywriter, a published author and corporate writing teacher.

Having elderly parents, she has experienced myriad challenges in helping them leave a longtime home and active social life, navigate moving to a CCRC, then an assisted living facility, including long-term stays in full care nursing following illnesses. The entire process was complicated by the death of her beloved younger brother. She learned to educate herself as much as possible and to focus on the positive. Through the web of daunting decisions, her parents have adjusted and she has grown stronger.

She says of the process: "This is a leadership role I would never have signed up for and although I've had wonderful help from my brother, my husband and my daughters and their husbands, I had no idea what this process would be like. Just when I think the emotional cost is simply too high, the human element of compassion surfaces from a caretaker or doctor. Then I hear the laughter of my grandsons...and I'm okay again."

Marky is an avid reader, seamstress and hiker and she her husband enjoy sharing the wonders of the Northwest with their married daughters, two sons-in-law and two grandchildren.