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Never in the history of the world have so many people lived so long, a trend that is likely to continue far into our future. This unprecedented longevity, far more than in earlier generations, is causing millions of adult children - often with their own children still at home or even with grandchildren in college - to become responsible for the well-being and care of their aging parents.

Aging Parents: Starting the Conversation, is the first in a six-part e-book series called, Aging Deliberately: A Guide to Caring for Aging Parents, authored by Liz Taylor, a 35-year veteran in the aging field. Taylor says,

“By ‘aging deliberately’, we maintain control over our lives and optimize the possibility of a good old age. Otherwise, we are ‘aging accidentally’, in denial of what lies ahead. So, when the inevitable crises come, and they will, others have to step in to make our decisions for us, whether we like it or not.”

About Liz Taylor

Liz Taylor, founder and principal of Aging Well Consortium, is an award-winning journalist, speaker, consumer educator and pioneer on a host of aging issues. Through her company, she consults withfamilies and individuals, in addition to writing and lecturing on a variety of aging topics. Her mission is to educate families, older people, community planners, legislators and providers on important issues that affect how we age.

From 1994 - 2008, Liz wrote an enormously popular weekly column on aging in The Seattle Times that attracted thousands of readers regionally and nationally. Today she’s expanded her column into a quarterly e-newsletter, Aging Deliberately, which earned a national award in 2011.

Liz coined the phrase, “Aging Deliberately,” to express her firm belief that most of us age “accidentally,” without planning or forethought. Instead, she says, “We must face our aging head on, learning how to age on purpose--deliberately! Only then will we have some control over what happens to us.”

An expert writer for, Liz serves on the panel of senior living experts for the Best of the Web contest.

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