lisa-photo1Lisa Logan is an Orlando-based university professor, researcher and freelance writer. Since earning her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) at University of Rochester, New York, in 1993, Lisa has taught adult students of all ages while conducting research.

In addition to writing extensively for academic audiences, Lisa directed a Women's Studies Program that linked academic knowledge with experience in community-based organizations. Working with women across the political spectrum opened her eyes to the issues women face as primary caregivers and healthcare managers in their families.

In addition to working, whether in entry-level or high-powered leadership positions, women care for children, parents, siblings, friends and relatives. In conversation after conversation, Lisa learned that, in addition to time and money, people needed fair-minded, fact-based information to manage healthcare and life-stage decisions.

With this realization, Lisa turned her research skills to writing for general audiences about healthcare, specific health conditions, and, now, for Her interest in senior housing comes naturally, since her 65+ mother has 30 years experience in real estate (and helped put Lisa through graduate school).