Jacqui HowellJacqui Howell's writing has been featured on several websites including HRGuru, BrazenCareerist and Alltop. She has also published articles in BusinessPundit and The Printed Blog, and wrote a weekly column for The Daily, the student newspaper for the University of Washington. Prior to joining SeniorHomes.com in 2010, Jacqui held positions with Internet giants Amazon and American Online (AOL).

Originally born and raised in tropical Honolulu, Hawaii, Jacqui has been braving the damp climate of the Pacific Northwest since 2001. She lives north of Seattle with her husband, young son, one highly energetic little mutt and two lazy cats, Freddie and Skittles, who alternately jockey for her attention and warm her lap while she writes.

Jacqui earned her bachelor's degree in comparative literature from the University of Washington in Seattle and enjoys running, reading anything she can get her hands on, and traveling the globe.