Cindy Wilson Expertise: Home Care Marketing Professional
Region: San Diego
Experience: 12 Years
Company: Heritage Senior Care

Cindy served as a local expert in the 2013 Best Senior Living Communities awards program in Greater San Diego.

About Cindy

Cindy has a BA in Marketing from Weber State University in Utah. In 2004, she began working for a privately-owned home care agency, Heritage Senior Care. This position allowed her to participate, chair, become a board member and/or maintain membership (past or present) with the following groups:  Fall Prevention Task Force, Caregiver Coalition, End of Life Coalition, San Diego Memorial Society, Red Cross Speaker, REFE Disaster Preparedness Task Force Member, California Association for Health Services at Home, SM Senior Service Foundation, San Diego Council on Aging, San Diego Regional Homecare Council, San Diego Dementia Consortium, UCSD Retiree Preferred Partner, Legacy for Veterans, NorCan and NC Corporate Care Council.

The opportunity to provide education and information to help seniors make better choices about aging (therefore, improving their quality of life) is the passion behind her drive. Cindy has chaired the NC Vital Aging 2011 event, created numerous educational conferences, as well as provided resources and information to HR directors which helped their employees working full time to care for a loved one at home.


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