Adult Day Care Center

Adult day care centers are facilities that provide daily activity, care and companionship during the day to seniors who may not have opportunities at home to socialize or remain active.

Adult day care also fills an important care gap for family members who work during the day or are seeking a respite from caregiving.

Elderly Day Care: A Valuable Resource for Seniors and Their Caregivers

Elderly day care centers provide a safe, supportive group environment for seniors who need care and/or assistance with personal tasks during the day. These centers provide relief to caregivers and family members who are caring for an elderly loved one in their home. There are more than 4,500 elderly day care centers currently operating across the country, three-quarters of which are nonprofit and/or public. Learn more about elderly day care

Elderly Day Care Costs

If you have aging parents who wish to remain at home but don’t realize they need need supervision during the day, elderly day care is one option which you can use to meet your parents’ needs while giving you peace of mind that your parents are being looked after. This type of respite care can also bridge the care gap until your parents are ready to transition into an assisted living or memory care community. Learn more how much Elderly Day Care Costs in your state…