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Waves crash against a rocky shore in ME (Maine) where a lighthouse stands in the background The average cost of Nursing Homes in Maine is $275 per day. This is higher than the national average which is $228 per day.

In Maine there are 117 Nursing Homes. We can help you find the best matches for your needs.

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Overview of Maine Nursing Homes

Maine is a state that offers many different activities for its residents, including seniors who reside in nursing homes in the state. A higher standard of living combined with the state's natural beauty allows seniors to enjoy the finer things in life while ensuring their medical needs are met. Open air festivals, symphonies and some of the best shopping in the Northeast give seniors a variety of options to suit their interests as well as their activity levels. Maine boasts a number of hospitals and healthcare facilities that have been nationally recognized as providing superior care as well as offering specialties that are important to the quality of life for a number of seniors. Located in the Portland area are the Maine Medical Center has high marks in urology, orthopedics and cancer. Mercy Hospital also located in Portland is a leading geriatric center. MaineGeneral Medical Center, located in Waterview, is a high-performing medical center in the specialties of geriatrics, pulmonology, urology and diabetes and endocrinology. Eastern Maine Medical Center, situated in Bangor, is highly ranked in nephrology and cardiology and heart surgery.

Maine Nursing Homes Defined

Nursing homes in Maine are facilities that offer medical services and nursing care to those segments of the population that need more services than can be given in their homes by family members or members of the home health system. Residential care facilities and assisted living facilities offer assistance with living services and housekeeping services in semi-private or private bedrooms or apartments.

Regulation of Maine Nursing Homes

Regulation Nursing HomesThe Department of Health and Human Services has been charged with overseeing Maine nursing homes. Each nursing home must be licensed in accordance with the rules and regulations put forth by the agency. These are designed to afford residents the best in day-to-day care skills and nursing care. If the nursing home receives payment from Medicare or Medicaid for the residents care, the federal government has its own rules and regulations that must be followed, though there is a great deal of overlap. Inspections are regularly performed which includes interviewing of residence to insure their needs are being met.

Paying for Nursing Homes in Maine

The cost could be higher in metro areas and lower in rural areas. Room and board, housekeeping services and medical care are included in this per day fee. Additional medical services such as speech or occupational therapy are not included in this fee and are billed for separately. Some people might be surprised to learn that Medicare does not pay for most stays in nursing homes. When Medicare does pay for services in a nursing home, it is under very specific circumstances and for a very limited number of days. In most instances, this is related to the senior being recently released from the hospital but needing a level of nursing care that necessitates a stay in a medical facility of some type. Back to Top