makes every effort to screen reviews that do not meet our Review Guidelines. If you feel that a review left about your business on does not meet these standards, you can flag the review in question for investigation.

To flag a review, please complete the steps listed below. When finished, send the information to [email protected] with a subject line that says "Request to flag a review posted for PROVIDER", where PROVIDER is the name of the community/service provider as displayed on

Items to be provided in email body in list form:

  1. Name of business as displayed on
  2. Business address as displayed on
  3. Your name, relationship with the business and your phone number
  4. Name and relationship of the reviewer as listed on the review you wish to flag
  5. Reason you feel the review does not meet the standards as defined in our Review Guidelines

Once received, we will respond to your request within 3 business days. Submitted flags that are incomplete or missing information will not be processed.