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I Am A Friend Or Relative Of A Current/Past Resident

Terrible! Nearly two years of complaints with little change. Complaints yield temporary improvements but never resolutions. I truly do not understand why we continue to have the same issues in an assisted living facility with house keeping, laundry and hygiene. Now a recent incontinence issues has only further complicated things.

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Provider Response

We understand your concerns and we continue to take steps to better meet your housekeeping expectations and your family’s specific needs. We encourage you to continue to work with your executive director to resolve issues as they arise so that we can provide consistent service as needs change.

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I Visited This Community

Belmont Village Turtle Creek is an encompassing senior living facility in central Dallas offering independent living to memory care on the same property. It is conveniently located only minutes from many restaurants, shopping, and grocery stores. The museums and theater nearby offer some of the best art and shows available in the nation. The Belmont has transportation available. They are a very active community. The activity calendar has plenty to choose from to entice any of the residents to come out to participate. The building is beautifully designed on the exterior and the interior. It is breath taking, but not snobby and stuffy. If you did not know, you would not believe that it is a senior living facility. All staff members have been very accommodating and friendly during my visits. The residents have a choice of a studio, one- and two-bedroom options. One of my favorite recreation activities is the indoor swimming pool, what a luxury! I did not try the food, but they have a Chef on staff to prepare the meals. If a resident has a special request, they have a concierge to assist in getting the request for the resident. With food being such an important part of keeping seniors healthy, they strive to keep food very appealing. It has a secure environment, licensed and providing professional 24 hour care, assistance with medication, the staff is available and willing to help. A licensed nurse works closely with the resident's family and their physician to change medication as needed. The licensed nurse oversees medication management ensuring your loved one takes the correct medication at the right time. Residents care plans are reviewed regularly and when necessary are adjusted to allow the residents' ever changing needs to be met. When a resident starts declining, the administrator and nurse will ask the family to come in to discuss options. They advise the family of the worsening condition and they work with several national and local agencies to bring additional medical help in as needed, such as, hospice and home health. The pricing is one of the more costly properties but well worth it if your loved one requires the best services available. The Belmont’s impeccable services offered go above and beyond any other senior living facilities. I highly recommend Belmont Village at Turtle Creek if top quality service and this high end location are needed.

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I Am A Friend Or Relative Of A Current/Past Resident

Overall, we've been pleased. My mother-in-law has become settled in, she has made friends, she participates in activities, and her physical and mental state has improved in the seven months she has lived at Belmont Village. There was definitely a difficult adjustment period but the friendliness of the staff and their willingness to provide personalized attention helped us navigate the difficulties. I scored the staff and quality of care less than wonderful because (1) there have been some requested maintenance issues that have yet to be resolved (a stained area on the carpet needs to be replaced), and (2) the reliability of small tasks getting completed - laundry, meds - seems to be somewhat spotty. Casual communication with the staff seems to be plentiful but a detailed, factual exchange of information is lacking. I do feel that when we request such a conference, which I guess falls to us to do, our communication gaps will be filled in. We need a better understanding as to who is responsible for what. We chose a lovely apartment for my mother-in-law that includes "assisted living" benefits but there is a question about what assistance she needs and receives. A huge strength is the staff's friendliness and their gift for making my mother-in-law feel like she is known and appreciated. She and we are greeted by name and welcomed at every turn. The food is better than average and I must say we enjoy the glass of wine with our meal when we dine there. I would suggest though that Belmont consider offering each resident a handful of complimentary guest meals included in their monthly charge. I would think they would want to encourage family members to come eat with the resident - I know my mother-in-law enjoys it - and a handful of complimentary meals would be nice. Weaknesses are not following through on maintenance requests and not providing specific information on what they are doing with our relative to "assist" her in her "assisted living."

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I Am A Friend Or Relative Of A Current/Past Resident

We still can't get the people to clean the place weekly even though this has been promised multiple times. This is just one of many concerns, but it seems like the most basic. For the outrageous cost, this place should have their act together!

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Provider Response

We’re sorry that we were not meeting your housekeeping expectations. Based on our ongoing quality review surveys, we did identify this as an area with opportunities for improvement. As a result, we recently doubled our housekeeping staff. We hope that you have noticed the marked improvement, but if you still have concerns about this or any other issues, please don’t hesitate to contact Tara, the executive director, directly.

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I Am A Friend Or Relative Of A Current/Past Resident

After watching Belmont Village Turtle Creek “BVTC” ignore and throw my father in a pysch ward for typical dementia related behavior, and then being charged a $7,500 “30 Day Notice” to put him in a facility that can handle dementia patients, I strongly recommend that nobody put their loved one in BVTC, Memory Lane, Dallas. We had no idea this could even happen – throwing a dementia patient in the Psych Ward because the place we had trusted him to, that specialized in dementia care we were told, apparently ran out of ideas? From the BVTC website: “Belmont’s range of signature, award-winning Memory Care programs designed to maintain mental acuity and function”. Well maybe when they feel a Memory Lane resident might be reaching the threshold of BVTC’s ability to assist and care for them, they should TELL YOU, the family, before they toss them into the county psych ward! Maybe give you a little time to work things out and, at that time, the 30 day notice could start….? But I have to admit, collecting a full month’s rent (plus no expenses – food, utilities, Caregiver time) + rent for Memory lane + one month of Circle of Friend when the resident is not even there – well now THAT is turning a Profit! (And to "Local Professional" - maybe they *had* a waiting list, but to my eyes they were no where near full (thereby needing a waiting list) when I was there.... Sounds good for them. Makes me wonder if you work there, perhaps?) My Dad has dementia. If you are reading this, someone you love probably has it too. How much do you know about dementia? Have an expert in your family? Because we do not – and it is my belief BVTC used our lack of knowledge/experience against us, landing my Dad (who has run what would have been a Fortune 500 company in the 1970’s, has patents in his name, later ran a small business and retired at age 47), in the local County Psych Ward. Dementia may cause the person you love and respect to do weird, unacceptable behaviors. I thought that was part of the disease. I would have thought a place designed to handle dementia patients, which I was lead to believe from the website BVTC was, would understand this and know how to handle the behaviors that a dementia patient might exhibit. But I was wrong. When my family checked out BVTC, it had been open less than 90 days. It was not at capacity, which is perhaps why they allowed us to move Dad in, and sign him up for Circle of Friends (which about two weeks or so into his less than 100 day stay, he had become unable to participate in) at a cost of around $7500.00 per month. Yup. Seventy Five HUNDRED dollars per month. One time when I visited, we saw an ambulance in the parking lot. When we could not find Dad in his room or elsewhere in the facility, we headed back to where we had seen the ambulance and looked inside – there was Dad. We were not informed by any of the staff that our Dad was in an ambulance, and we did not receive a telephone call or even a text. After Dad returned to his room after the hospital visit, he started screaming and writhing in pain with his lips curled up and eyes clinched shut. I had no idea why. I asked one of the Caregivers to please get a nurse. After waiting about 10 minutes, I asked again. I was told they had two nurses on site, but they were both with other residents. Meanwhile, Dad is having these pains, and due to his dementia, he cannot clearly communicate what is going on. After about 10 more minutes, I left Dad in his room (still in pain) and went out to find a nurse. Yes, I was pretty upset by now (due to this particular service failure, plus a couple other service failures that had happened in the three days I had been there) so I came out of his room and yelled down the hall to get a nurse in here RIGHT NOW. The director, Tara Arancibia, responded by telling me not to yell at her staff. Eventually, the Director of resident Care Service, Toni Walker, RN, was able to come in and begin assisting my dad. I witnessed this failure and two other service related failures. I believe that these failures are related to understaffing and mismanagement. Approximately five weeks later, they threw Dad in the Psych Ward. He had apparently threatened a Caregiver with a tennis type shoe, culminating with hitting her with it in the face which was extremely odd behavior for him. Dad, once six feet tall and about 195 pounds or so, was then about 5’7” and weighed in at around 140 (sometimes less) pounds. Having once worked in a county psych ward myself, I understand that if a patient begins to exhibit aggressiveness, you call for help and act to bring down the tension until the behavior can be contained in the most nonthreatening way possible. I also learned that you do not confront and act to get additional help to contain the behavior. Did BVTC somehow fail to teach this to the ‘caregiver’ who was working with dad that day? While at Timberlawn, BVTC had offered to have Dad come back. But, they insisted that he be ‘certified’ as ‘aggressive free’. With each (IMHO) negotiation, we were told we would need to wait another week before he went back to BVTC (remember – they are still getting rent money from us while he is in the psyche ward) because of this need to ‘certify’ as ‘aggressive free’ (whatever that means or however that can be done in the context of a dementia patient……). However, once we talked to the new place which is a group home setting, we got Dad out of the Psych ward nearly immediately – around 48 hours or so. My family was pleased with almost all the Caregivers (staff in green shirts) at BVTC. And speaking for myself, I thought Janeth, Missy, and Fernando were all compassionate, helpful, and very focused on being of service to my dad. I did not meet the female worker that had the altercation but I have heard her described as the ‘laziest and most shiftless worker there’. But here is what really, really gets my blood boiling, even after the three months that have passed: Prior to abruptly throwing Dad into the County Psych Ward, where he was given paper clothes and booties to wear every day for three weeks, where his phone was taken from him (having the phone makes him feel better because he can get ahold of us), where he was not assisted with bathing, and where visiting hours are limited to two one hour time frames per day, never once prior to this occurring, did the BVTC staff come to us and say ‘your dad may be exceeding the level of care we are able to provide for him here, so it is now time to find a new place that can handle him’. Nope, no warning, no indication – they just kept taking our money, including a full month’s worth of rent after THEY kicked him out, saying he could not come back until he was 'certified' as 'aggressive free'. $7500.00 down the drain. 30 day notice, you know. They did not provide any alternate places for Dad to be placed. (Thankfully, the folks at the Psych Ward were able to). They just sent us a bill for the remaining balance. Thanks, Belmont Village! A few of you who are still reading this may be thinking, ‘had he had issues like this before?’ To answer honestly, we had him in Belmont Village West University (Houston) (BVWV). I loved that place! While not perfect, the folks that worked there were always around, always available, always ready to help. The staff knew how to handle Dad when he became cantankerous. They would not confront him at all; if he wanted to be left alone, they would; and on one occasion where I (along with my husband) had flown into Houston for a few hours on our way out to Florida and Dad was being a super pill, not wanting us to even come in and talk to him, one of the guys there (God bless him!) went in and talked to Dad for a while. I am not sure what he said, but Dad came out ready to go out to lunch with me, my hubby, and my sister! We were not unhappy at all with BVWU; we moved Dad up to Dallas to shift the care-load from one brother to another. When we moved him, we went from a regular assisted living type of room in Houston to the Memory Lane care with the Circle of Friends added on, thinking he would receive top of the line care for his condition. Since Dad has been at his new place, there have been no behavioral issues, no getting carted off to the hospital, no waiting for his Rxs to be delivered because the Pharmacy only comes out once a day, no locked doors with no one around to unlock, no times with staff nowhere to be found, and no more trips to the Psych Ward. These folks are trained and retrained on a regular basis on dementia specific care. While BVTC is gorgeous to look at and has fabulous food (dern near converted me into actually liking Italian!), they FAIL where the rubber meets the road – staffing, capability to care for anything but early stage dementia patients, communication with family, doctors, and pharmacies, in my humble opinion. We thought a dementia care specific facility might know more than us when it came to dementia and what to expect and how to go forward as it progressed. I love my Dad very much. If I had known then what I know now, we would have never darkened the door of Belmont Village Turtle Creek. Regarding the criteria for the rating, the place is gorgeous, the food is wonderful, and the activities seemed to be excellent as well. But once your loved one gets past the point of being able to enjoy these aspects - the OVERALL CARE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT. (I gave two stars on the staff because some of the PALS are truly wonderful. But Management is acutely substandard, imho.) This is where your beloved person is SO VULERNABLE. Beware of the packaging and look at the SUBSTANCE of this place.

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Provider Response

We’re sorry to learn that you are dissatisfied with the way your dad’s situation was handled at Belmont Village. Please know that your concerns are important to us. We did work with members of your family at the time to help ensure that the situation was handled to their satisfaction and, most importantly, that your father’s immediate and long-term needs were met safely and appropriately. Sometimes when multiple family members are involved there can be a gap in the communication process, which appears to have happened here. I have sent a private message to you via this site with the contact information of someone with whom you can discuss your concerns directly.

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I Visited This Community

Absolutely beautiful facility. Very professional staff. This is a beautiful home setting that anyone would be comfortable in with ammenties galore. A rare find in the heart of Dallas.

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I Visited This Community

I have toured this community and seen the various units available and all their amenities and services. Although this site has just opened, there has been a waiting list for the past year as it was under construction. This is a large national company with a good tract record. The onsite services are excellent and the location is great.

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Costs for Belmont Village Turtle Creek

Independent Living Starting Cost per Month:

$ 3,900

Assisted Living Starting Cost per Month:

$ 4,575

Medicaid/Medicare Not Accepted

Amenities at Belmont Village Turtle Creek

Property Info

Licensed Capacity: 225

Emergency Services: Less than 2 Miles

Shopping: Less than 1 Mile

Recreation: Less than 1 Mile

Resident Capacity: 201

Number of Units: 201

State License #: 105593

Semi-Private Units

Private Units

Studio Apartments

1-Bedroom Units


Full Kitchen

Emergency Call System

24-Hour Staffing

Employee Background Checks

Parking Provided

Fitness Room/Gym

Beauty/Barber Shop


Underground Parking Garage

Indoor Swimming Pool

Complimentary Wi-Fi


Full-Time Activity Director

Social Events

Trips & Outings

Spiritual Activities

Exercise Classes

Live, On-site Entertainment

Educational Opportunities


Outside Patio/Gardens

Computer/Internet Access

Cable/Satellite TV

Dedicated Concierge

Pet Policy: Pets allowed

Special Meals: Options Available

Josephine’s Kitchen®

Restaurant-style Dining



Nurse Availability: On Site 24/7

On-Site Medical Visits: Speech Therapist,Occupational Therapist,Physical Therapist

Medication Management

Diabetes Care

Help with Activities of Daily Living

Transportation to Appointments

Other Transportation Provided

Guest Meals

Private Laundry

Room Service


Circle of Friends® Memory Program for Mild Cognitive Impairment

Valet Service

Individualized Resident Life Plans

Professionally Supervised Fitness and Wellness Programs

Daily Wellness Checks

On-Site Therapy Services Available

Tour Belmont Village Turtle Creek

The best way to get to know a community is by scheduling a tour. See the facilities, meet the staff and residents, and get a feel first hand what it's like to live at Belmont Village Turtle Creek.

Description of Belmont Village Turtle Creek

Beautifully situated in the heart of the Turtle Creek community, Belmont Village Senior Living offers easy access to an array of high-end dining and retail centers, world class medical care, numerous churches and synagogues, and the Dallas Theater Center and Arts District. Concierge services and daily scheduled transportation are available to make sure that residents don't miss a minute of their active lifestyles. Additionally, we are a proud sponsor of the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture, an organization dedicated to enriching and deepening the practical life of the community with the wisdom and imagination of the humanities. Belmont Village looks forward to partnering with the Institute to enhance our enrichment programs for residents and employees and to make special programs conveniently available to our neighbors in Turtle Creek.

Belmont Village Turtle Creek provides a full continuum of lifestyle and support, including Independent Living, Assisted Living and Belmont's range of signature, award-winning Memory Care programs designed to maintain mental acuity and function. The French-provincial style mid-rise houses 201 private apartments with studio, one-and two-bedroom residence plans. No buy-in is required and monthly rates include a variety of services and amenities. Belmont Village's valet service and two-story underground garage ensure generous parking for residents, guests and staff. Our professionally managed fitness center and indoor swimming pool encourage wellness and allow us to offer physical, occupational and speech therapies on-site. A technology center and complimentary Wi-Fi service throughout the building helps residents to stay connected. Dining options include chef-prepared meals with over 24 daily menu choices in Josephine's Kitchen and a bistro for casual dining. Located directly across from Lee Park and Arlington Hall, Belmont Village's outdoor amenities reflect their surroundings with a garden terrace, private courtyard, dining patio and fountains.

Memory Care rate includes the following
(there is an additional fee for enhanced personal care.)
  • Basic Personal Care (activity reminders and stand-by assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming and escorts)
  • Medication Management
  • Three delicious chef-prepared meals served restaurant-style daily in Josephine's Kitchen
  • Licensed Nurse on-site 24 hours a day
  • Regular monitoring of residents' wellness and periodic health assessments
  • Senior-focused social, recreational, educational and gardening activities
  • 24-hour emergency call response system
  • Daily scheduled transportation to nearby shops, physicians' offices or special events
  • Weekly housekeeping, laundering of bed linens and personal laundry
  • Daily trash removal and bed-making
  • All utilities except private telephone
  • Cable TV programming