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Description of Independent Life

My name is Zlata, Director of Independent Life Home Care. Like our clients who depend on our team for a variety of needs, I also have a disability. I know just how important it is to work with a home care professional you trust; their kindness and expertise are crucial components in your care.

Because I’ve shared many of the experiences our clients face, I’ve made it my mission to provide each client with the individualized attention they deserve when it comes to making vital decisions regarding their care. A great deal of time is devoted to getting to know each client in order to assess their unique needs and preferences, so that we may find the perfect match for your home care assistant. I am here to help you make informed decisions regarding your home care needs, and to make sure you are completely comfortable with your home care provider.

While Independent Life Home Care is a fully-licensed home health care agency, our goal is to pair you with a home care professional who not only can assist you with your daily needs, but also provides you with the comfort and companionship that can also positively impact your health and mood. Depending on your unique needs, we can provide you with a range of services to assist you daily, including: Bathing, Grooming, Shopping, Meal preparation, Housekeeping.

In addition to these services, our skilled nurses also provide medical assistance such as wound, catheter, and colostomy care. Physical, occupational, and speech therapy can also be conducted in your home. We take great care to assess the needs of each clients in order to match them with a home care professional who can provide precisely the care that is needed.

Pairing you with a home care professional is only part of what I do — it is my personal mission to advocate for every client. Over the years through my personal research, I’ve learned of many programs that are available for disabled individuals such as myself and the clients I serve. Many people are unaware of amazing resources available that they may qualify for; I can help you apply or refer you to programs that can improve your quality of life, such as those that offer free vehicle modifications and home improvements to make your residence ADA accessible.

Dealing with insurance is one of the most troublesome struggles I’ve dealt with regarding my disability; I don’t want you to have to deal with the confusion and long waits for answers that I have experienced. I am an expert in insurance issues, and can assist you in applying for private insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare. In addition, I can connect you with agencies which can assist you in applying for social security and disability. I also provide education regarding your rights as a senior or someone who lives with a disability, and can assist you in obtaining employment. Advocating for our clients is a passion of mine; let me put my knowledge to work for you.

If you are a senior or disabled person in need of home care or a personal advocate, I would love to meet with you. Whether you choose Independent Life Home Care for your personal needs or not, I am happy to offer my assistance, free of charge. Let’s set up a time to meet face-to-face and discuss what options and programs are available to you; call me anytime at (702) 871-2273.

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