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I Am A Friend Or Relative Of A Current/Past Resident

Both my grandmother and grandfather were in the skilled nursing section of the Medallion. When they arrived at the Medallion both were able to walk, talk, feed themself, carry on a conversation. The home suggested my grandfather was touching inappropriately to a nurse. We were not told what nurse, or what happened, what kind of incident. They just asked if they could up his medication because that behavior was common with people with Dementia. We were not told of any side affect of upping his medication. My mother said OK since they gave her no other option to change this so called behavior. They could have offered a male nurse, or had my grandmother be present when "so called events" were happening. NO they chose to medicate medicate medicate. He became a zombie, literally he could not keep his eyes open, he was so groggy, he would not talk, he no longer walked, he set in a wheelchair and that was it. He could not wake up to visit anyone who came to see him. My mother asked that he be taken off of the medication completely as his quality of life had become nothing but sleep. They did and then without her permission but him right back on the medication (my mother is the medical power of attorney, they must get her permission to do such a thing) They only told her they had done so when she commented that he was still very sleepy and not able to do much. They stated that he had grabbed another nurse. So again instead of 1. Asking permission to put him back on a medication his Medical Power of Attorney specifically asked him to be taken off of and 2. Trying something other than medication to remedy the situation, they did what they wanted. Which was to make him unable to do anything. The Medallion stated that he could be asked to leave if a "situation" was to happen again and we offered to find another place if it was going to be a problem having him off of the medication. We were told "good luck finding another home after we write a recommendation". Since he was put on such a high dose of medication he has NEVER regained his strength and he will never be the same person again. The nurses were negligent in his care. He had become sick and coughing and none of the nurses has noticed. It took my 84 year old grandmother with Dementia to say something to my mother who then had to call the nurses and ask what was going on. Only after a phone call to prompt them about him being sick did they check him and found he had pneumonia and started treatment. During this time since he 1. Is still sleepy all the time 2.Very sick 3.Was not paid attention to. He ate and drank very little as he was no longer able to feed himself pretty much since they upped his medication and was so sleepy all of the time. They did not care that he hardly ate or drank at any meals. The family not being a medical professional questioned how one would get over Pneumonia if you had hardly any nutrition or fluids. My mother asked for him to be put on an IV so he would be hydrated and they refused saying it was not a good idea. I guess dying of dehydration was better for him. They suggested he have surgery for a feeding tube instead of and IV, because I don’t know an invasive surgery while already week is better than a simple needle in your hand for an IV. My parents went to the home picked him up and took him to an urgent care to get a 2nd opinion on his condition. He was IMMEDIATELY admitted to the hospital for severe dehydration, malnutrition, pneumonia, and MRSA. None of the doctors could imagine why they would not put him on an IV. He was in the hospital for 3 full weeks trying to recover and is now in a rehabilitation center trying to recover from the damage the Medallion has inflicted on him. He and my grandmother were both moved from this facility. If you are thinking of putting a loved one here or have a loved one here please reconsider. Or pay very close attention to the health of your loved one. We were hours away from losing my grandfather, the hospital did not think he would live through the night. This place likes to medicate so the patients are "not a problem" at least in the skilled nursing part. I cannot speak on the assisted living part. If you put someone in a home please know your rights and your loved ones rights. This home has apologized for their actions once he was taken to the hospital and they knew we would find out how much he had been neglected at their facility. They know they were wrong had literally broke several laws. There is NO excuse for this kind of treatment of anyone, especially anyone who cannot speak for them self. Letting someone die of dehydration and malnutrition, not checking when they are sick is NOT OK! Please be cautions putting any loved ones at this home. They put them on a fast track to death.

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