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I Visited This Facility

My experience with Andara was outstanding but expensive. The whole facility and apartment were very good. We had an outstanding lunch there.

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I Am A Friend Or Relative Of A Current/Past Resident

My mom lived here for two years. I want to warn families about the safety concerns we experienced. My mother fell in her independent living apartment at Andara. She could not get up. She did not notify the front desk that day that she was ok, as is protocol, yet they did not check on her. She was found the next day, dehydrated, near death by an activity director in her apartment, completely by accident. This past October my mom had a stroke. Hit her call button at 1 am, paramedics were called. Andara called my cell phone, which was off, did not call my home phone or any other family member as was protocol. My mom was in the ER alone. Mistakes were made, we weren’t there to advocate. It took me three weeks to hear from the director. After seven left messages, I had to track her down. She never asked how my mother was doing, nor were there any calls from anyone at this facility as to her fate or even a call to check on her. It’s too late for my mother but families be aware, there are serious safety concerns here. Not to mention a garbage door on each floor that is so heavy to open and shut, seniors have been trapped here. A security system where you hit a buzzer to the office and are let in. No one asks anyone who they are or why they are there. An underground parking lot where I observed a person living in a car down there and the staff said, “ they were keeping an eye on it”. Vast improvements are needed.

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I Visited This Facility

Andara is a great location because it is right off the main street and highways, so it is very easy to access. The pricing, I think, is very reasonable especially for the amenities, the resources, and the activities that they have. Everything is definitely reasonable. They're very on top of their game. The staff was very friendly. The customer service was very on point. The staff member was very knowledgeable on insurance, payment, and their packages. There wasn't one question she did not know. There were lots of activities going on that day. There was bingo, poker, someone was doing puzzle, and aerobics was going on.

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I Am/Was A Resident Of This Facility

Andara was very nice and would have been ideal, but we had gone there before, and they said they couldn't help us, and then they called and said they could. Our lease was just about up where we're at, so we said OK and that we're going to move. We were going to go to a 1-bedroom place, so we gave away a lot of our furniture, and we gave notice that we were going to leave. We packed up all of our stuff and by Friday night, before we were supposed to move in, they called and said they can't take care of my TPN, which was the reason we were going. We're very unhappy with them, and it cost us a couple thousand dollars to move in and move out. We felt like they didn’t do us right at all. The staff was fine. The nurse called our insurance company and got an OK that we were approved to move in, and then when it got right down to it, she said they didn't give us an approval and they insisted on getting the money upfront from us. We were only there 2 days. They seemed to be a nice place and I'm sure that if they could've helped us with what we needed, it would've worked out just fine. They just need to be honest with the people moving in and not tell them something that they can't do. It was very stressful for us and cost us a lot of money.

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I Am A Friend Or Relative Of A Current/Past Resident

After breaking her hip my mother required a stay in an assisted living facility. We had been concerned about her living alone and saw that she was becoming more socially isolated as she was driving less and many of her friends were in the same situation. We looked at facilities with an eye on transitioning from assisted to independent living within the same facility. I was really depressed after the first few facilities we toured. Yes, they were clean and the staff was pleasant, but they just had that "nursing home" feel. Then we toured Andara. Even though it was almost brand new it was being renovated (this was during the transition from Arte to Andara). The facility looks more like a luxury resort than a Senior facility while maintaining a feeling of warmth. Every staff member we interacted with was courteous, professional, and caring. We couldn't sign the paperwork fast enough! The first day Mom was in Assisted they sent an "Ambassador" who took her to the beautiful dining room for lunch, sat her at her table and introduced her to her group of friends. That night I stopped by at 6:45 pm to visit thinking Mom would be back in her room since she went to dinner at 4:45. There she sat in the dining room with her table of friends, all of them smiling and chatting away. I left thinking it was good for her to socialize and went home with a smile on MY face. Andara has in house PT and OT so mom was able to complete that without having to be transported elsewhere. The therapist was so caring and compassionate and constantly communicated with me. I voiced my concern that Mom needed to venture out a bit more and had encouraged her to go to the exercise classes on the days she didn't have therapy to no avail. Deanna the therapist picked up on this and told Mom she should go exercise on the off days. Guess who went the next day! Again, another opportunity to socialize. When it came time to be released from Assisted we had a long "family council". Of course Mom hated the thought of giving up her home. But we asked her why she wanted to return to a life of eating alone everyday? We got her to just "look" at some apartments on the Independent side. When she saw how clean, modern and spacious they were she said she would "give it a try"!! One year later we know we made the right choice. Mom is so happy there. The entire staff is so courteous and professional. They truly care about each resident. Andara is smaller than other facilities so it is easier to keep tabs on everyone. One day I was concerned when I could not reach Mom by phone several times. I called the friendly front desk lady who assured me she had just seen Mom go by on her way to Bingo! That's another thing--Mom swore she had no interest in Bingo--now she goes to that every day! So between walking to 3 meals daily in the Dining room, Bingo upstairs daily and daily exercise she gets up and moves much more than she did at home. There are plenty of activities and field trips outside the facility to appeal to everyone. Residents can be as active as they desire. Our final hurdle was getting Mom to surrender her car. Again, we urged her to just "try" the shuttle that takes residents to a different shopping facility each day. She loved it. Again, going with others as opposed to going alone. Much safer too which relieves her children. Andara also has a "limo" (actually a bright red Cadillac!) which can be scheduled to take Mom to doctor appointments when one of us is not available. I cannot say enough kind things about Andara. I feel Mom is in a much better place socially, physically, and mentally than she was a year ago. Please tour this facility if you are looking for Senior Living for your loved one!

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I Visited This Community

If you are looking for fancy, exquisite, resort-style senior living in a gorgeous Scottsdale setting, then at Andara, you have come to the perfect place. Andara is truly 5-Star Senior Living in every option, amenity, quality of care, activity, and service provided to the residents. Andara offers Assisted and Independent Living options that are unbelievable. Facility: You walk into a massive, gorgeous lobby that is backed by a breathtaking wrap-around staircase. The lobby is full of sitting areas and comfortable furniture for socialization. The facility is stunningly decorated with welcoming colors and beautiful artwork. It seems like every piece of décor, piece of artwork, piece of furniture, etc. was perfectly placed in the space it was meant for and the entire community is kept white glove-test-worthy clean – almost uncomfortably clean, like you are afraid to take a step in fear of dirtying up the facility, but for some reason, it still feels homey. There are many services and options available to assist the residents in living a care-free, active, and social lifestyle. The community is pet-friendly. There are many social areas throughout, including an activity room with a pool table and poker/card tables. A community kitchen with private dining, where residents and their families can cook private meals to enjoy together. There is also a well-equipped beauty salon/spa, a fun art center, well-stocked library a movie theater, an awesome fitness center, a computer center with free Wi-Fi, A gorgeous fine-dining-restaurant-style dining room, and so much more. There is also a beautiful skywalk where residents can walk between buildings – it’s perfect for indoor powerwalking if the weather outside is uncooperative. There are also many walking paths, a charming courtyard, cozy outdoor sitting areas, a welcoming pool/hot tub area, etc. for the residents to enjoy the fresh air and outdoors. Side note: the community also offers the residents a covered outdoor parking structure to keep their cars safe from the elements. There are quite a few different Independent Living and Assisted Living floorplans to choose from, each option offering a spacious and beautifully designed living space for the residents to call home. The floorplans in Assisted Living consist of different sized studios, all containing either kitchenettes or full kitchens. The Independent Living floorplans include 1 and 2 bedroom options, some with dens and patios, and all with full kitchens and other great Staff/Quality of Care: Amazing. The care team at Andara, no matter the department, is always placing the needs and safety of the residents first above all else. They are wonderful in interacting with the residents, they are very caring and seem to really enjoy working at Andara, which is a very refreshing thing to see in a senior living community. When a resident moves in, they are assigned a personal care plan which helps to offer personalized one-on-one care based on a resident’s specific needs. Residents: The residents seem to really love living here. They seem as if they feel very comfortable and at home within the community. All of the residents seem to get along very well – it is rare to see a resident sitting or walking by themselves as they usually do everything together. Food Service: The food service at Andara is just like fine dining in a beautiful restaurant. The dining options are menu-style, offering a variety of delicious and beautifully presented meals. There are also snacks available at all times for residents. What I really appreciate is that the dining staff/chefs chat with the residents and hold regularly scheduled meetings to determine the types of meals the residents would like to have incorporated into the menus as well as to gain suggestions on how the dining team can make the dining experience even better for the residents. They appear to really care about the residents suggestions and implement as many of those suggestions as possible. Andara is a wonderful, breathtaking community – true resort-style living.

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I Am A Friend Or Relative Of A Current/Past Resident

My 96 year old father was living in another local retirement community. When it came time to renew the lease, the price of his apartment was going up dramatically, so I decided to compare where he was living to other facilities. I found Andara(Arte at the time) and it was a much more affordable community. While it was price that motivated me to move him at a very healthy 93, it is obvious now that I did the right thing. First, Andara is a smaller more intimate community. The whole staff is very attentive to my father's needs and treat him with dignity and respect. When I am not in Scottsdale, I can rely on Mary, the Executive Director, to give me a call if she or one of the staff become concerned about my dad. I am able to then address the situation. It has given me peace of mind. There is also a new quality care program available through ComForcare with qualified people to assist dad in many different ways. I have chosen the Good Morning/Good Evening service where they check in on him twice a day/7 days, and so far he is very pleased. You pay by the visit and not the hour.Dad does not want someone there for a whole hour so this has really been worth it! Secondly, the food is excellent! Chef John and his staff prepare meals with FRESH ingredients and no repetitive, frozen, "institutionalized" foods are served. Our family often joins dad for the delicious Sunday brunches and we have even opted to enjoy Easter brunch there instead of going out each year. Dad always says there is plenty of variety. Thirdly, the activities are numerous. Dad enjoys the nightly movie in the theater and puzzle room, but there is so much more to do. Being Catholic, he also appreciates receiving communion at Andara on Weds when local church people visit and having his blood pressure taken weekly at the wellness clinic. Also, transportation is available to special events(which are planned) or just to go shopping. Dad gets a ride to church every week. Our family is more than delighted with the move to Andara, but it is my father whose opinion matters most and he enjoys living there.

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I Am A Friend Or Relative Of A Current/Past Resident

My Mother moved to Andara this past yr after shopping around with her 3 children at various independent living centers in Scottsdale and Phoenix. She was too isolated living alone and didn't eat well. My mom fought moving from her beautiful condo, but after some coaxing, she finally agreed how nice it would be to make friends, and be more active. I'm writing this because Andara has been more than we ever hoped for. My Mother is SO happy, and has made numerous close friendships with many residents. The residents are lovely, kind and very welcoming. The entertainment is truly amazing several times weekly before dinner in Josephine s Lounge. Don't let the white table cloth dining room, and leather bound menus fool you....you can dine on gourmet type dishes, or have a cheeseburger, which is wonderful! The continental breakfast served daily is incredible, with the best home made fruit pastries I've ever tasted! Staff is friendly, compassionate and bends over backwards to make everyone happy. The facility itself can be compared to a beautiful cruise ship, with incredible libraries, theatre and beauty salon. I cannot recommend Andara more highly.Dancing, fun, Bingo, Wii Bowling, shopping trips and town car service is complimentary. Our family is so thankful to have found Andara. We know our mom is safe, happy, and honestly more active than we are now!

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I Am A Friend Or Relative Of A Current/Past Resident

My mother moved to Andara from a retirement community in St. Louis in march of 2013. She passed away in June of this year. She lived independently in an apartment for all but the last month or so of her life when, due to some health issues, she moved to assisted living at Andara. My mom had the usual concerns moving to a new place but her fears disappeared almost immediately because of the kindness and attention of the incredibly talented and committed staff. I will not attempt to name everyone because I am sure I will miss someone. The entire group is focused on making sure that the residents are treated with the utmost respect and make every effort to accommodate the specific needs and desires of the guests. I was impressed with many things so I will just mention a couple. First, when my mother first moved to Andara, she was very concerned about making new friends. The staff at Andara made a special effort to make her feel welcome and not only learned about her but introduced her to several other residents who they thought would have some things in common with her and like her. She became fast friends with a number of people and told my wife and me many times how happy she was at Andara what a great move it was and how much she enjoyed her friends. Second, I cannot say enough good things about the assisted living management and staff. The last month of my mothers life was hard with hospital visits etc. I had no idea what this type of care included and required. What was really amazing to see and experience is the compassion, empathy and love (yes i know it's an unusual word to use to review a retirement community!) that came through the caregivers. It's one thing to do the work but something very different to do it because you want to make someones life better. I am forever grateful to this team of dedicated professionals who provided such comfort and support to my mother. In conclusion, Andara is not a huge facility which lends itself to much personal attention. The entire staff works so hard to know each and every resident I would recommend this facility to anyone not only because it is a beautiful place but most importantly, because of the people employed there. They are the best!!!

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Costs for Andara

Assisted Living Starting Cost per Month:

$ 3,900

Independent Living Starting Cost per Month:

$ 3,800

Medicaid/Medicare Not Accepted

Amenities at Andara

Property Info

Emergency Services: Less than 3 Miles

Shopping: Less than 1 Mile

Recreation: Less than 1 Mile

Minimum Age: 62

Resident Capacity: 170

State License #: AL9105C

Private Units

Studio Apartments

1-Bedroom Units

2-Bedroom Units

Air Conditioning/Climate Control

Washer/Dryer in Apt

Full Kitchen

Emergency Call System

24-Hour Staffing

Employee Background Checks

Parking Provided

Fitness Room/Gym

Beauty/Barber Shop

Underground Parking, Sound-Reducing Construction

Outdoor Pool w/Spa

Wine Bar

Movie Theater, Sports Lounge


Full-Time Activity Director

Social Events

Spiritual Activities

Exercise Classes

Educational Opportunities


Outside Patio/Gardens

Computer/Internet Access

Pet Policy: Small pets allowed

Private Dining Room

3 Dining/Restaurant Options

Country Kitchen


Nurse Availability: On-Call 24/7

Help with Activities of Daily Living

Transportation to Appointments

Other Transportation Provided

Guest Apartment

Guest Meals


Pain Management Therapies

Fitness and Rehab Training

Results-Oriented Massage

Tour Andara

The best way to get to know a community is by scheduling a tour. See the facilities, meet the staff and residents, and get a feel first hand what it's like to live at Andara.

Description of Andara

Senior assisted living at Andara offers residents the best of both worlds. All benefits of our senior living community are combined with a full spectrum of senior care services to create a premier senior assisted living community. Residents enjoy beautiful surroundings, on-site amenities and social programs alongside continual on-call medical care.

At Andara, we adhere to state-of-the-art standards of senior assisted living while providing a special touch. Our residents receive personal and comprehensive care and are consistently treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. Whether our residents need help with day-to-day activities, getting to appointments, or medication management, our caregivers kindly and competently meet those needs.

Our assisted living community in Scottsdale has been purposefully designed to provide you or your loved one with a nurturing, comfortable, home-like environment that is attractive and easy to navigate. We foster community and family by hosting many activities and events each month. Residents are encouraged to participate in as many pursuits and outings as they like, appropriate to their ability. No matter what, everyone is treated as an individual person with unique needs.

At Andara, our residents live life to its fullest as they age in place.

Assisted Living Amenities

  • Personalized Care Plans
  • 24-hour Staffing
  • Emergency Response System
  • Medication Management
  • Scheduled transportation to local shopping and medical appointments
  • Award winning Wellness Everyday™ programs, provided 7 days a week
  • Dining for Wellness™ - educational and wellness program
  • Brain Health University™
  • Beauty & Barber Shop
  • Housekeeping and maintenance service
  • All utilities and basic cable included
  • Individually controlled heat and central air
  • Fresh, seasonal cuisine prepared by the dining service team

Andara offers independent living in Scottsdale for seniors who are able and inclined to live independently, but crave the comfort, security and social opportunity a retirement community offers.

On-call assistance and maintenance-free living means you never need worry about anything but living life to the fullest! Just steps from your front door, you'll find easy access to a fitness center, media room and a wide assortment of activities, as well as special events and regularly scheduled outings into the community.

If you are looking for a vibrant, active place to call home during your retirement years, Andara will fulfill your desires. Come visit us and see how great senior independent living can be.

Independent Living Amenities

  • All utilities included except telephone and cable
  • Housekeeping and maintenance service
  • Guest Suites
  • Individually controlled heat and central air
  • Scheduled transportation to local shopping and medical appointments
  • Safety features including smoke detectors and sprinklers
  • Award winning Wellness Everyday programs, provided 7 days a week
  • Beauty & Barber Shop
  • Fresh, seasonal cuisine prepared by the dining service team
  • Dining for Wellness - educational and wellness program