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Senior Superstores is a nominee in the Best of the Web 2012 in the Best Senior Living Online Retailers.

If you are a senior or someone with impairments that affect your ability to live comfortably and independently, then we are your One-Stop-Shop to help you live with more self-confidence and more dignity. SeniorSSuperStoreS (TM) is your trusted and established source for hundreds of useful and unique gifts for baby boomers to seniors; and products for baby boomers, seniors, the elderly and those with hearing, hand and mobility impairments; and merchandise to meet the comfort and lifestyle needs of baby boomers to seniors and the elderly...those we call Prime Time Adults! Rather than viewing aging as a burden for the individual and family, we maintain that the Prime Time years are opportunities to meet new challenges, and we help you with products and resources that you need - regardless of the physical effects of the aging process. Our resources for seniors feature women's health resources men's health resources safety concerns of seniors, and financial resources for seniors. Imagine yourself in a traditional department store. But, this one is specialized in that you can find carefully selected products and gifts for senior citizens. In this superstore you will find products for baby boomers to gifts for the elderly, but in a relaxed and comfortable setting. No crowds, traffic hassles or concerns about parking and the weather. And, we feature many products that you cannot find in the traditional department store - all "under one roof."