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About Help! Aging Parents

Help! Aging Parents is a finalist in the Best Senior Living Awards 2014 in the Best Blogs by Individuals.

Hi, I'm Susan. I was a far-away-living adult child whose parents died during this decade. (Mother predeceased my dad by three years.) I continue to be a far-away-living daughter-in-law (her only "daughter") of my husband's inspirational mother, who still lives independently in her home at age 100. In 2008 I completed a manuscript for a book aimed at adult children whose goal is to help relatively healthy, independent-living, older parents age well. A top NY literary agent, who said she loved the manuscript, also said the late 2008 economic climate would not bode well for my book. She suggested I write a blog, using ideas and insights from the manuscript as well as timely information. Help! Aging Parents is the result. I use my perspective as a daughter and counselor to provide useful tips and new insights into the challenges of caregiving.