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About The Care Company Blog

The Care Company Blog is a finalist in the Best Senior Living Awards 2014 in the Best Blogs by Individuals.

The Care Company is the solution center for America’s 60 million unpaid family caregivers, who every year provide more than $300 billion in free care and services to loved ones, family members and friends. The Care Company was born of blogger and senior living expert Cindy Laverty's realization that, while a multitude of caregiving information is available from a wide range of sources, few people know how to manage elder care or end-of-life issues. Typically, they enter the caregiving process without knowledge and proceed without guidance or support. They suffer. Their loved ones suffer. Their lives suffer. Cindy’s mission through The Care Company is to create a nation of Empowered Caregivers, people in service who are knowledgeable, savvy, confident, strong, compassionate and healthy. People who are able to care for their loved ones while maintaining the balance in their lives. People who accept the responsibility of caregiving and seize the opportunity that comes with it. Cindy blogs to provide caregivers with the knowledge they need to navigate the caregiving journey with skill and grace.