The Amazing Aging Mind

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About The Amazing Aging Mind

The Amazing Aging Mind is a finalist in the Best of the Web 2012 in the Best Senior Living Blogs by Individuals.

Amazing Mind offers caregivers the opportunity to connect and engage with a caregiver who has gone through it all. This site is my personal journey toward discovering the causes and meaning of Alzheimer’s and other dementias. My sister and I are stay-at-home daughters caring for a mother with end-stages Alzheimer’s and a father with (as far as the docs can tell) Parkinson’s disease. Both (actually, all four) suffer from dementia, but are at different stages and exhibit quite differently. I am of the firm belief that we all suffer from imperfect brains, and am therefore fascinated by the ways the brain still works despite the damage it suffers. I also believe that “mind” supercedes “brain” in many ways, and am curious about how a person’s attitude in life can dramatically affect the workings of the brain. I see these things daily in the lives of my parents. I see them in my own life–when my brain functions at its peak or refuses to do so at all, and to the degree that I choose to be thankful for the circumstances of life–whatever those may be.