Kenosha Assisted Living

Average Cost: $4,500

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Located on the shore of shimmering Lake Michigan, Kenosha, WI offers intense scenic beauty, exciting outdoor opportunities and a wealth of wonderful shopping/dining options. A popular tourist destination due to its manicured appearance and rich archeological history, this town is safe, thriving and alive with unexpected outlets for relaxation and fun.20140503 71 Kenosha Public Library From the Pierhead Lighthouse to the vast array of beautiful beaches, those interested in Kenosha assisted living will find a wonderfully vibrant community for their elderly loved one.

Organizations Serving Seniors In Kenosha

Assisted living in Kenosha is made pleasant by the wide variety of resources available to its senior community. The Kenosha Senior Center is a fantastic destination for those looking to socialize, exercise, or just hang out! The ever-evolving activities calendar includes popular group swimming classes, card tournaments, aerobics and book discussions, and much more. Kenosha Area Family and Aging Services, Inc. seeks to promote healthy aging through a variety of resources including a dedicated network of volunteers, senior dining services, and the "Friendly Visitor" program. This organization's sole purpose is to improve the lives of seniors and their caretakers, further adding to the quality of assisted living in Kenosha.

Kenosha Senior-Friendly Activities

This is an area where Kenosha assisted living truly shines. You can't beat the benefits of living on a lake shore, and this town's location right on Lake Michigan is a prime example. There are five FREE beaches on the shoreline including the beautiful Eichelman Park, and a wonderful array of parks offering relaxing strolls through the woods and scenic spots to picnic. The Kenosha Public Museum exhibits both fine art and natural sciences, but its star attraction is its collection of mammoth skeletons discovered within the town. And in the summer months, there's no better place to enjoy the warmth than on the Lake Michigan shoreline for the Twilight Jazz Free Concert Series. Talented musicians from near and far flock to this vibrant musical exhibition to perform for eager listeners lounging on the soft green grass. When all of that relaxation works up your appetite, sample some fine Italian cuisine at Casa Capri, or take a trip back to the 50's at Big Star Drive-In. And part of the area's famous HarborPark on the Lake Michigan shoreline, the awe-inspiring sculpture walk provides art-enthusiasts with a beautiful exhibition of unique sculptural artwork from a multitude of talented artists.

Kenosha Medical Facilities

The Aurora Medical Center is Kenosha's primary healthcare destination, offering a sensitive, holistic approach to medicine and emphasizing the role of the family in the rehabilitation process. Its emergency services are top of the line and include the accredited Stroke Center and level III trauma center. Assisted living in Kenosha is safe, enjoyable, and full of fantastic opportunities for fun and adventure. The Lake Michigan shoreline provides endless outlets for relaxing outdoor activities and unique waterfront vistas. The town's beaches, parks, restaurants, museums and service centers ensure that seniors in the community feel comfortable and engaged. For more information on senior living in Kenosha, see our options for Kenosha assisted living. Back to Top