Seattle Retirement Communities

Average Cost: $4,500

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Information About Retirement Community in Seattle

Seattle Retirement CommunitiesPicturesque Seattle is located in the Pacific Northwest in Washington state and is home to over 600,000 residents, making it the 15th largest metropolis in the country. The city, located on a strip of land surrounded by Puget Sound and Lake Washington, is conveniently close to the Canadian border. Rich in artistic history, Seattle is a city that many famous musicians have called home, including jazz artist Ray Charles. Although it has a strong reputation for having a rainy climate, Seattle actually endures less rain than its East Coast peer, New York City - an important distinction for residents in Seattle retirement communities that would rather keep their umbrellas at home.

Attractions for Seniors in Seattle, WA

For shopping enthusiasts in Seattle retirement communities, downtown destinations like the Pike Place Market and Pioneer Square are a dream come true. For those who enjoy beautiful views, the world-famous Space Needle is a must-see, towering over 500 feet above sea level to provide breathtaking views of the city below. The waterfall gardens and waterfront skywheel are delightful novelties, and curious day trippers should stop by destinations like the Bill Gates house or the original Starbucks store to get their fill of these not-so-local celebrities. A beautiful aquarium, art gallery, and more also offer tempting possibilities for those who want to have fun and learn.

Senior Activities in Seattle, WA

Those living in Seattle retirement communities have their pick of city-run events and social clubs to enjoy. A program called Lifelong Recreation hosts fitness and social activities for city residents aged 50 and older. From walking groups to ballroom dancing to book-publishing classes, there's a little something for everyone in Seattle's many senior-friendly club offerings. In addition to the Lifelong Recreation program, various community centers and senior centers throughout the city feature robust attendance at frequently-offered classes and programs.

Seattle Retirement CommunitiesMedical Facilities for Seattle Seniors

Seattle is home to Northwest Hospital and Medical Center, a state-of-the-art facility with a dedicated senior care program in place to ensure that the needs of residents of Seattle retirement communities are met. The Senior Care Clinic at Harborview also offers an advanced gerontology program for residents aged 65 or over, including a monthly bone density check clinic. Both of these locations focus on the need for a clear, concise plan of treatment and the importance of respecting patient wishes throughout the course of treatment.

Transportation in Seattle, WA

Seattle has a large number of public transit options, making car-less travel around the city fairly easy those living in Seattle retirement communities. A handy county-hosted trip planner will offer directions on the correct route to take for minimal hassle while traveling. City buses are free to ride within the downtown area, making them both convenient and economical. Other options for getting around the area include a monorail, light rail, streetcar, and water taxi system that ferries riders to and from nearby cities like Bremerton. Seattle is a vibrant city with lots of unique local shopping, senior social club opportunities, and easy inter-city travel options for seniors. The abundance of natural and man-made attractions throughout the area ensure that every day is a new adventure waiting to be discovered. Back to Top