San Antonio Retirement Communities

Average Cost: $4,500

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Information About Retirement Community in San Antonio

San Antonio is one of the biggest tourist locations in the state of Texas and offers many types of activities and events for seniors. San Antonio retirement communities provide a great place to plant roots. In a city that has a population of 1.3 million residents it is considered the tenth largest city in the United States. The background behind this city and the different cultures immersed into the daily city life help to make the experience of being in San Antonio a great one.

San Antonio Attractions

San Antonio is not only known for fun attractions, but also for having historical sites that were influential to the history of the United States of America. One such historical location that is a big attraction in San Antonio includes the 'Alamo'. Another world famous attraction that is in San Antonio is the 'River Walk'. This attraction runs along the San Antonio River and can be traveled by foot or afloat down the river. The shopping locations that run along this river are excellent and will keep anyone busy for hours. Another popular attraction is SeaWorld, a 250-acre marine mammal park, oceanarium and animal theme park. Most San Antonio retirement communities have attractions nearby that seniors can take part in, but even when these aren't available, many city attractions are still within driving distance.

San Antonio Senior Activities

There are numerous events, festivals, and activities that can cater to seniors, but aside from these, there are also senior centers that specialize in finding appropriate events for people of all ages. Seniors can enjoy events that celebrate music, the arts, the different cultures in San Antonio, and much more. There are a number of multipurpose senior centers that help to sponsor and organize events, prepare hot meals and provide social services as well as activities like arts and crafts and senior exercise programs. San Antonio retirement communities may provide names of good senior centers that they commonly work with and often feature resources that are available to the seniors in the community of San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

San Antonio Medical Facilities

San Antonio features a variety of excellent medical facilities that specialize in different medical fields. The South Texas Medical Center is known for its work in the Cardiovascular and Oncology medical fields and the San Antonio Community Hospital is a great family hospital. With the opening of its new emergency room, it is fully equipped to handle any situation. If a senior is unsure about where to look for healthcare, asking San Antonio retirement communities for a referral or advice is a great way to go.

San Antonio Transportation

There are several companies around San Antonio, such as A & B Senior Care Services and Presa transportation, which cater to seniors. These companies work together with San Antonio retirement communities to ferry seniors to and from their destinations. There are public forms of transportation that work incredibly well in case getting private transportation to and from a location is too expensive or not an option. On occasion, a retirement community might provide its own transportation to certain areas of San Antonio at specific times. San Antonio is not only a city that has great attractions and historical sites; it is also a city that is favorable for settling down in. With great weather, locations and amenities close by, settling down in a retirement community in this great city would be an excellent choice for seniors from all walks of life. Back to Top