Abilene Assisted Living

Average Cost: $4,500

Abilene Assisted Living Facility Costs

The median cost of Assisted Living in Abilene for a single-occupancy apartment is $2,800/month (Genworth - 2013). This monthly cost typically includes rent, utilities, dining, housekeeping and transportation.

Cost of Abilene Assisted Living Facilities

Community Starting Price
Lyndale Abilene $2,420/month

Cost of Nearby Assisted Living Facilities

Community City Starting Price
Cost data provided by senior living communities and compiled by SeniorHomes.com is subject to change without notice. This data is for informational purposes only and may contain inaccuracies. Your actual senior living costs may vary depending on your personal situation.
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Reviews of Abilene Assisted Living Facilities

Chisholm Place

Review by Local Professional


Chisholm Place offers a cozy home-like feeling. This community is designed and decorated to remind their residents of home and not just a facility. Most of the staff members were welcoming, while some didn't even acknowledge me. This community is well staffed and offers variety in their menu and activity plans...

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Covenant Place of Abilene

Review by Ann P. - Penrose Senior Care Auditors®


The grounds of the facility are maintained with easy access parking in front of the building for visitors. Upon entering the facility each visitor is greeted and asked to sign in at the front desk...

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Covenant Place of Abilene

Review by Sandra


The people at Covenant Place of Abilene were nice, but I didn’t like it at all. It was like going into a nursing home. As far as I know, it was clean. We had an appointment with this woman, but she was busy with something else, so we went in and had to wait...

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Lyndale Abilene

Review by Local Professional


Royal Estates of Abilene is a unique community in my opinion because it offers a variety of activities catering to various cultural groups. They menu even offers plenty variety of homestyle choices. The staff here is friendly and helpful, I was able to ask lots of questions that were appropriately answered...

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Wesley Court Methodist Retirement Community

Review by Local Professional


Wesley Court is a beautifully landscaped community sitting on many acres of land. Wesley Court offers several living options for seniors at various stages of life and I was able to tour all of the different types of living options...

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Map of Abilene Assisted Living Facilities

Information About Assisted Living Facility in Abilene

Located in central Texas, Abilene is warm and sunny most of the year. Originally established as a base for selling cattle in the late 1800s, the city quickly grew into a center of business in the region, complete with its own Air Force Base. This mid-sized city of more than 120,000 residents offers seniors who choose assisted living in Abilene the opportunity to live a comfortable and enriching retirement.

Abilene Attractions

Historic downtown Abilene is home to The Grace Museum, the hub for culture and the arts in West Texas. Housed in the Hotel Grace, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Museum is really a collection of three different museums: a History Museum, an Art Museum and a Children’s Museum. Visitors may spend hours exploring the museum’s five art galleries, marble ballroom and fully-restored lobby. Shopping is also a favorite pastime of local residents, either at one of the local malls, such as the Mall of Abilene, or in the downtown area's many storefronts. All in all, there are plenty of things for residents of assisted living in Abilene to do.

Abilene Senior Activities

There are also plenty of programs for seniors, perfect for those enjoying assisted living in Abilene. The Senior Citizens Division of the city's Community Services Department operates five senior centers throughout the city. Activities available include music groups, dance lessons, organized trips, and arts and crafts such as quilting or pottery.

Abilene Medical Facilities

Residents of Abilene are fortunate to live near great local medical care. Abilene Regional Medical Center is one of the most advanced hospitals in the area, and has the distinction of being the first in the Texas Midwest to perform open heart surgery. It even operates a Senior Healthcare Center in partnership with Sears Methodist Retirement Systems. The center exists to provide specialized geriatric care to senior citizens. The hospital also runs the Senior Circle program, which offers benefits such as healthcare discounts, free exercise classes and discounts at local shops. Adults age 50 and up qualify to join this program for a low annual membership fee. These features make Abilene Regional a great source for medical care for residents of assisted living in Abilene.

Abilene Public Transportation

As in any city, assisted living in Abilene is much easier with readily available public transit. In addition to a system of fixed-route bus service, CityLink, Abliene’s public transit agency, offers evening services on demand and special transit services for those with disabilities. There is even a reduced fare card available for elderly riders, making public transit a more reasonable option for any seniors who do not own cars. When it comes to assisted living, Abilene is a great city. On top of the pleasant weather and the large amount of things to do in the area, there is a variety of services that make life easier. View a list of local assisted living communities on our Abilene Assisted Living page. Written by senior housing staff writer. Back to Top