Columbus Independent Living

Average Cost: $4,500

Columbus Independent Living Facility Costs

The median cost of Independent Living in Columbus for a single-occupancy apartment is $2,696/month ( - 2015). This monthly cost typically includes rent, utilities, dining, housekeeping and transportation.

Cost of Columbus Independent Living Communities

Community Starting Price
Oakleaf Village of Columbus $2,679/month
The Forum at Knightsbridge $4,988/month

Cost of Nearby Independent Living Communities

Community City Starting Price
Senior Star at Dublin Retirement Village Dublin $4,060/month
The Worthington Gahanna $2,074/month
Reflections Retirement Community Lancaster $1,725/month
Middleton Senior Living Granville $3,375/month
Cost data provided by senior living communities and compiled by is subject to change without notice. This data is for informational purposes only and may contain inaccuracies. Your actual senior living costs may vary depending on your personal situation.
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Reviews of Columbus Independent Living Communities

Oakleaf Village of Columbus

Review by Local Professional


Oakleaf Village offers Independent living and assisted living apartments. Oakleaf is a good option for seniors and families looking for independent living with the option of support...

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The Forum at Knightsbridge

Review by TeworielryMew


Thor: The Dark World’, ‘Ender’s Game’, ‘Las Vegas’ hay ‘Snowpiercer’ là nh?ng tác ph?m ?áng ?? tâm nh?t trên màn ?nh r?ng tháng này. Hãy t?i megastar m?c ?ích s? d?ng nhi?u tác ph?m ?i?n ?nh s?ng ??ng nh?t b?n nhé . 2...

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The Forum at Knightsbridge

Review by Curtisgolf


Khi t?i V?ng Tàu, S?m S?n hay H? Long,…hay nh?ng ??a danh danh ti?ng khác, khách du l?ch c?n s? h?u s? qua 1 s? n?i tham quan, khách s?n v?ng tàu giá r?, th??ng th?c u?ng, nghi ng?i, ?i l?i…?? tránh tình tr?ng b? “ch?t chém” ho?c nh?ng tình hu?ng không ?áng có làm chuy?n ?i ch?i c?a mình kém vui...

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The Forum at Knightsbridge

Review by MilfordPelm


20 n?m cho m?t cái ngh? mà không ph?i ai c?ng có kh? n?ng gi? ???c và t?n t?i nh? hi?n nay. Ch? em Thúy H?ng - Thúy H?nh ?ã làm ?i?u t??ng nh? không th? ?ó. Dù r?t nhi?u l?n c?ng mu?n t? b? b?i s? "kh?t khe" c?a ngh? nh?ng cái nghi?p ?ã theo thì ph?i ch?p nh?n và c?ng hi?n ng?ng mình v?i nó...

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The Forum at Knightsbridge

Review by MichaelFEP


Tu?i 20 c?ng tràn nh?a s?ng, tu?i 20 v?i bao ?i?u v?a l? th? thách. Hãy s?ng t?t c? mình v?i tu?i 20 b?n nhé. ?i tìm nh?ng th? thách cu?c s?ng là m?t ?i?u h?t s?c h?p d?n ?úng không. Hãy xem chúng ta c?n ph?i ?i ?âu, ?i nh? th? nào, ?i ??n các ?âu nhé b?n ...

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The Forum at Knightsbridge

Review by NestorVodo


?i qua th??ng nh?, m?t thành công vang d?i c?a Phong Vi?t. Tác ph?m ?? l?i trong lòng ??c gi? không ít nh?ng cung b?c c?m xúc c?a nhi?u yêu th??ng, c?a các xúc c?m ??u ??i. Phong Vi?t ti?p t?c phát hành tuy?n th? T? yêu ??n th??ng vào gi? tháng 12 nh?m ?áp l?i s? yêu th??ng và lòng mong ??i t? ??c gi? g?n xa...

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Map of Columbus Independent Living Facilities

Information About Independent Living Facility in Columbus

Columbus has a population of 787,033, according to the United States 2010 census, making it Ohio's most populous city. With a metropolitan area that includes several counties, this capital city is also Franklin County's seat. Founded in 1812 and named for Christopher Columbus, the explorer, the city is located at the junction of the Olendtangy and Scioto Rivers. Though originally settled by the French, the end of the French and Indian War involved Columbus being ceded to the British in 1763. Residents of Columbus independent living facilities who enjoy experiencing four distinct seasons each year will likely embrace the climate of this city. Often described as a combination of humid subtropical and humid continental, the climate of the city is characterized by cold and dry winters with occasional light snowfall. Summers, however, tend to be hot and muggy.


The city has a number of different attractions that are sure to please residents of Columbus independent living facilities, no matter where their interests lie. Museums, sporting events and the performing arts are just a few ways seniors can enjoy themselves. The Wexner Center for the Arts, a research facility and contemporary art gallery, and the Ohio State University Athletics Hall of Fame are both located on the Ohio State University campus. Many sports for both men and women are supported by the college as well as many fans and alumni. A variety of music and dance genres can be enjoyed in the city. These include performances of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, the Columbus Jazz Orchestra, The Actors Theatre of Columbus and more. Easton Town Center offers more than 200 stores, shops and restaurants from which to choose. An AMC and IMAX theatre with 30 screens and a comedy club are only a few of the entertainment options available at this outdoor shopping center.

Senior Activities

Columbus Ohio Independent LivingThe Ohio Department of Aging offers more than a dozen senior centers scattered throughout the city of Columbus, and the surrounding area. These offer seniors who reside in Columbus independent living communities a place to enjoy activities such as field trips, classes and making new friends in a warm and safe environment.

Medical Facilities

At the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, residents of Columbus independent living facilities can enjoy top notch medical care. It has been ranked as the #1 hospital in the Columbus area by US News. This teaching hospital offers a number of specialties such as geriatrics, cancer, nephrology, rehabilitation and urology. Grant Medical Center - Ohio Health is a teaching hospital with 392 beds. It has been ranked highly in a number of specialties including pulmonology, geriatrics, cardiology and heart surgery.


The Central Ohio Transit Authority, or COTA, is the agency responsible for the public bus system in the city of Columbus. With 308 buses running on a variety of fixed routes, getting to their medical appointments and favorite activities should be an easy journey for seniors living in Columbus independent living communities. COTA has embraced technology that is designed to make the lives of their ridership easier as well as save them money. There are six buses that utilize hybrid-electric technology. New software and hardware that has been installed in newer buses allows the transportation system to be synchronized more efficiently. This has improved the accuracy of real time information, as well as the communication and knowledge of the drivers. These advances make it easier for passengers to stay up to date. With an excellent medical system in place for chronic, short and long term care, and a robust bus system, seniors will enjoy living in Columbus. They will be able to stay active while enjoying events that feature their favorite interests while also making new friends. Back to Top