Las Vegas Retirement Communities

There are 13 Retirement Communities in Las Vegas, NV and 2 Retirement Communities nearby.

Average Cost: $4,500

Nearby Retirement Communities

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    Prestige Senior Living at Mira Loma

    Henderson, NV 89074
    7 reviews
    Provides Retirement Communities 15.8 miles from Las Vegas, NV
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    Centrally located in the heart of the Las Vegas metropolitan area, Prestige Senior Living at Mira Loma is a vibrant retirement community for those with memory loss.

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    Merrill Gardens at Green Valley Ranch

    Henderson, NV 89012
    0 reviews
    Provides Retirement Communities 17.6 miles from Las Vegas, NV
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    Merrill Gardens at Green Valley Ranch provides the services and amenities that allow seniors to live their lives to the fullest no matter what stage of life they are in.

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Other Retirement Communities in Las Vegas

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    The Bridge at Paradise Valley

    Las Vegas, NV 89119 Provides Retirement Communities in Las Vegas, NV

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    Las Ventanas

    Las Vegas, NV 89135
    1 review
    Provides Retirement Communities in Las Vegas, NV
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    Las Ventanas, Nevada’s only active adult live care, active adult living, assisted living and skilled nursing community offers a spectacular life...

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    Loyalton of Las Vegas

    Las Vegas, NV 89120 Provides Retirement Communities in Las Vegas, NV

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    Carefree Senior Living at the Willows

    Las Vegas, NV 89104 Provides Retirement Communities in Las Vegas, NV

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    Oak Hill Senior Living

    Las Vegas, NV 89119 Provides Retirement Communities in Las Vegas, NV
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    Offering a number of spacious accommodation options, Oak Hill Senior Living provides Las Vegas seniors with the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing retirement experience.

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    The Echelon

    Las Vegas, NV 89119 Provides Retirement Communities in Las Vegas, NV
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    Just minutes from the famed Las Vegas Strip, The Echelon offers independent living in a peaceful, spacious home boasting first-class amenities and a staff that meets your every need.

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Map of Las Vegas Retirement Communities

Information About Retirement Community in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Retirement CommunitiesFounded in 1905, Las Vegas started out as a transportation hub. Pioneers made their stops in Las Vegas prior to heading out west, while mines in the local region used Las Vegas to ship their products to the rest of the United States. It was not until gambling was legalized in 1931 that construction started on the casinos that Las Vegas uses to make the claim of being the Entertainment Capital of the World. Although the city has long held a reputation as Sin City, Las Vegas retirement communities are becoming more and more popular for seniors. In 2010, it boasted almost six hundred thousand residents while the surrounding metropolitan area was home to almost two million.


Above all else, Las Vegas is famous for its casinos and the industries that have sprung up to support them. Residents uninterested in the casinos can still sample the restaurants, shopping venues, and nighttime entertainment surrounding them. Las Vegas is also home to cultural sites such as the Las Vegas Zoo, the Smith Center for the Performing Arts, plus more than two dozen museums catering to all kinds of interests. More active seniors can also find numerous parks, sports fields, swimming pools, and other recreational facilities close to Las Vegas retirement communities.

Senior Activities

Since more and more seniors are choosing to settle in Las Vegas, centers have opened up to cater to their interests. Of these centers, the Las Vegas Senior Center situated right beside the Dula Gymnasium and the Municipal Pool is perhaps the most prominent. It is home to clubs and classes that appeal to all kinds of interests, ranging from bridge and computers to aerobics, tai chi, and Zumba. Senior-oriented events such as movies, parties, and health seminars are also common occurrences at the Las Vegas Senior Center. Other centers based in Las Vegas include the Doolittle Senior Center, the Howard Lieburn Senior Center, and the East Las Vegas Community Center. As a result, almost all residents at Las Vegas retirement communities have convenient access to entertainment and opportunities for socializing.

Medical Facilities

Numerous healthcare providers are available to help the residents of Las Vegas retirement communities maintain their good health. Sunrise Hospital and Spring Valley Hospital are two prominent examples. Encompassing an entire campus, Sunrise Hospital's services include but are not limited to caring for chest pain, cancer, stroke and medical emergencies. However, it specializes in performing surgeries, which include neurosurgical operations. In contrast, Spring Valley Hospital offers the usual medical services, but also boasts extensive rehabilitation programs designed to help patients regain use of their bodies.


Las Vegas boasts excellent public transportation services. Citizens Area Transit operates bus routes that run throughout the city. Although most of these bus routes operate for long but limited hours, the most popular routes never stop serving customers. Similarly, people can use the Robert N. Broadbent Las Vegas Monorail to travel throughout the Strip. Other public transportation options are also available for seniors living in Las Vegas retirement communities to travel to other metropolitan areas in Nevada. Las Vegas is an excellent place to retire for seniors who enjoy living in an active and energetic environment. Residents have myriad entertainment choices, have access to multiple hospitals with sterling reputations, and can use convenient public transportation to get to their destinations. Furthermore, Las Vegas has a sunny climate all year round, which makes it perfect for seniors who are averse to the cold. Back to Top