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There are 11 Assisted Living Facilities in Sterling Heights, MI and 30 Assisted Living Facilities nearby.

Average Cost: $4,500

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Information About Assisted Living Facility in Sterling Heights

Sterling HeightsThere is a lot that can be said about Sterling Heights, the fourth largest city in Michigan. With a population of over 130,000 people, this Detroit suburb is actually considered by many to be a “city of subdivisions” rather than a “city of ethnic neighborhoods”. Incorporated in 1968, Sterling Heights was hailed by Money magazine in 2006 as being one of the best small cities to live in within the United States. The city has also been ranked as the safest city in Michigan (13th in the nation). As a resident or visitor, you can visit the Franklin Cider Mill, view art at the Cranbrook Art Museum, listen to some amazing music at the Detroit Opera House or stop by the the Detroit Zoo and Belle Isle Nature Zoo (remember, Detroit is not that far away).

Organizations Serving Seniors in Sterling Heights

Assisted living in Sterling Heights is easy to do thanks to several different organizations that the city has to offer. The SarahCare Adult Day Care Center offers a safe, stimulating environment for area seniors, providing transportation both to and from the center. Some of their special programs include pet and music therapy and even a program that is known as the “Men’s Den”. Area Agency on Aging 1-B has Meals on Wheels and senior health and wellness programs, including senior driving. It even offers information on how to make smooth nursing home transitions. Sterling Heights also has a Retired Senior Volunteer Program and the Older Persons Commission. The commission offers everything from arts & crafts to leisure travel for seniors.

Sterling Heights Senior-Friendly Activities

Sterling Heights seniorsThe Fraser City Senior Citizen Center is a favorite for seniors who live in the Sterling Heights area. A membership is required and there are weekly events and discounts on weekend trips that are offered. There is also the Clinton Township Senior Adult Life Center which has a fitness center and many different types of social events. And again, if you’re willing to drive about 30 minutes to Detroit, the city has everything from the Motown Historical Museum and the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant to the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory along with lots of theaters, eateries and museums.

Sterling Heights Medical Facilities

Assisted living residents living in Sterling Heights have a variety of different medical facilities to choose from. The Henry Ford Medical Center offers dialysis, neurology and heart and vascular services. It also has a Bariatric Surgery Center. The Beaumont Medical Center offers digestive health, Orthopedics and special women’s health services. If you are looking for senior housing for yourself or a loved one, explore our Sterling Heights assisted living facilities. Back to Top