Detroit Independent Living

Average Cost: $4,500

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Information About Independent Living Facility in Detroit

The largest city on the U.S.-Canada border and Michigan’s most populous city, Detroit has had a long and sometimes difficult history. Once the automotive center of the country, it has now re-established itself as the primary business, cultural, and financial hub in the region. Downtown Detroit is at the heart of the city’s revitalization. Major construction projects have been completed including two new stScott Fountain, Belle Isle Parkadiums – the Ford Field and Comerica Park. Several world-famous events were recently held in the city and the Detroit Lions now call it home. All these positive developments make independent living in Detroit an exciting and attractive prospect.

Organizations Serving Seniors in Detroit

The Detroit Area Agency on Aging (DAAA) is committed to improving and enhancing the lives of older adults in the city. It currently serves over 60,000 seniors in Detroit providing several valuable programs and services including community access, health and wellness information, Medicaid and Medicare assistance and much more. The DAAA is also a staunch advocate and supporter of senior rights, and actively participates in the ongoing national dialogue about elderly care. Detroit independent living residents have a vocal and dedicated support organization in the DAAA.

Detroit Senior-Friendly Activities

Generally considered an urban locale, it’s difficult to imagine a 982-acre island park within easy reach of Detroit. Belle Isle is the country’s largest owned city-park. It is also where the Belle Isle Conservatory can be found. The Conservatory is also known as The Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory, named after a generous donor. Its 85-foot tall dome is a familiar Detroit landmark. It has 20 greenhouses, most of it housing a collection of 600 orchids, a lily pond, and several well-tended tropical palms and plants. It offers an oasis of calm and lush greenery in an ultra-urban setting – something every Detroit independent living resident must surely appreciate.

Detroit Medical Facilities

Beaumont, Royal Oak is part of the Beaumont Health System and has been a nationally-ranked hospital for 20 consecutive years. It has 1,778 beds, over 3,100 doctors, and more than 20,000 employees. It is ranked as the number one Detroit hospital for the following specialties: geriatrics (national ranking: 24), cardiology and heart surgery (national ranking: 25), diabetes and endocrinology (national ranking: 16), gastroenterology and GI surgery (national ranking: 20), and orthopedics (national ranking: 9). Detroit independent living residents are in good hands at Beaumont, Royal Oaks.

Senior-Friendly Transportation in Detroit

The Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART) has a Connector service specifically designed to assist seniors and people with disabilities in getting around the areas they service, including Detroit. SMART offers reliable curb-to-curb transportation assistance with no distance restriction for the elderly and disabled. Using SMART’s Connector service is an excellent way for seniors enjoying independent living in Detroit to go practically anywhere in the city. Detroit offers big-city amenities such as a first-rate hospital network and dependable transportation systems, as well as refreshing pockets of green space. For more information on senior living in Detroit, see our options for Detroit independent living. Drop by today and discover why you should consider making Detroit your new home. Back to Top