Overland Park Assisted Living

Average Cost: $4,500

Reviews of Overland Park Assisted Living Facilities

Park Meadows Senior Living

Review by Ron


Park Meadows was very good and our second favorite. The rooms were very nice. Everything was very nice there. My impression of it was good. We saw where they prepared the food, and it all looked pretty good. They had people that come in and do sessions for the residents.

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Park Meadows Senior Living

Review by David


I've been to Park Meadows a couple of times, and my brother seems to like it. The facility is nice. His apartment has a lot of space, and he's comfortable in it. It's very clean.

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Map of Overland Park Assisted Living Facilities

Information About Assisted Living Facility in Overland Park

Overland Park is a beautiful city whose roots go all the way back to 1905, when William B. Strang, Jr. arrived at a location in eastern Kansas. Subdivisions were plotted along a military roadway on 600 acres of land, and was given the name Overland Park. The city is home to approximately 150,000 people who enjoy a fairly moderate climate with cold winters and warm summers. Seniors looking to experience assisted living in Overland Park are sure to appreciate both its natural beauty and history.

Overland Park Recreation

One of the focal points enjoyed by residents of assisted living in Overland Park is the Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, which boast 300 acres of gardens as well as eight different habitats. The public is invited to explore with free guided tours and even hold-free guided tours are available for the less able. The popularity of the tours and support by the community has encouraged the city to invest in the upkeep and beautification of the arboretum, testifying that Overland Park has no shortage of sites to see and experience.

Overland Park Activities

All throughout the year, residents of assisted living in Overland Park have the chance to enjoy a wide variety of musical performances. This includes performances by the Overland Park Civic Band and weekly Music in the Park shows at Santa Fe Commons Park during the summer. Open during regular business hours, Art at the Center is a not-for-profit gallery space that features both professional and amateur artists' work, and is a great place to find one-of-a-kind pieces.

Overland Park Medical Facilities

All seniors deserve the opportunity to enjoy a healthy retirement. Overland Park is home to a number of medical centers, many of which have served the healthcare needs of Johnson County and the surrounding counties since the early 1900's. Menorah Medical Center, for example, continues to be a leader in the field of cancer care. Menorah Medical Center was also the first center in the region to introduce the area's only CyberKnife, which is a revolutionary treatment for tumors. Individuals seeking assisted living in Overland Park will not be disappointed with the world-class medical services available.

Overland Park Transportation

The JO, which is short for Johnson County Transit, is a public transportation service provided to much of Johnson County, downtown Kansas City, Missouri, and Kansas City, since 1980. This transit operates five days a week, with most bus routes running during peak morning and afternoon times. Over 100 drivers who drive approximately 100 coaches and cutaway vans travel about 8,300 miles every day. There is also an affordable curb-to-curb service for seniors age 60 and older and those with a documented disability. Surrounded by a wonderful community and beautiful public gardens, individuals seeking assisted living in Overland Park have access to excellent medical services and convenient public transportation. To view assisted living communities in the area, go to our Overland Park Assisted living page. Back to Top