Boise Retirement Communities

Average Cost: $4,500

Map of Boise Retirement Communities

Information About Retirement Community in Boise

Boise is located on the Boise River in southwest Idaho and is the most populated city in the state. It offers a rich historical and cultural landscape and has been a haven for seniors for decades. It is an ideal location for retirement, as the crime rate is one of the lowest in the country, as is the tax and cost of living. However, Boise offers as much enrichment as any other city of its size (approximately 200,000), and maybe, even more. For those considering Boise retirement communities, there is no time like the present. Obligatory Boise Shot

Organizations Serving Seniors in Boise

The Idaho Commission on Aging aims to provide "a single point of entry website" through which Idaho residents of all ages and income levels can find information on long-term care support programs and services. Also, there are a number of senior centers and recreational centers throughout the area. Some of those are – the Boise Senior Center and the Center at the Park (Meridian Senior Center). Additionally, Visiting Angels and Senior Solutions offer extensive information on senior services, classes, and events.

Boise Senior-Friendly Activities

There are an endless amount of outdoor activities available to seniors in Boise, from foliage drives during autumn to paved and accessible walking trails in the summer. The winter provides many indoor activities, such as high-end shopping, world class museums, and a wide array of artistic endeavors. A visit to the Idaho Botanical Garden is an enjoyable and educational outing for all ages. The 41-acre Kathryn Albertson Park provides a haven for wildlife, along with wide, paved footpaths for visitors to stroll through the beautiful natural scenery. History buffs will enjoy a trip to the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial. Whatever your interests, residents enjoying retirement living in Boise can take advantage of plenty of enriching activities. The City of Boise website provides information on many additional activities and attractions available to residents and visitors.

Boise Medical Facilities

Boise offers two state-of-the-art hospitals for residents: Treasure Valley Hospital and St. Luke’s Health System, which provides a network of more than 300 healthcare providers spanning a variety of specialties. Both hospitals offer special gerontological services for seniors and specialists to service their non-urgent medical needs throughout the city and Ada County. Most Boise retirement living homes offer transportation to and special arrangements with local hospitals.

Senior-Friendly Transportation in Boise

Eggers Transportation is one company offering door-to-door, non-emergency transportation services to seniors and the disabled in Boise, as well as throughout Treasure Valley. Valley Ride is the primary public bus transportation service serving Boise, and seniors who have difficulties riding the buses can take advantage of the Access paratransit program. Additionally, some senior centers in Boise, including the Boise Senior Center, offer transportation services to local seniors. Whether you are looking for a night out on the town, a walk in the park, or you have a specific healthcare need, Boise, Idaho offers a multitude of opportunities for its senior citizens, their caregivers, and loved ones. For more information on senior living in Boise, see our options for Boise retirement communities. Back to Top